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The Long Road to Strong-ish?

W2D1 Krypteia Press
50, 60, 75, 85, 100, 110 x 5 then 85 5 x 5
Landmine squat 95lbs, much easier to load and not have to take on and off the vest. Toes elevated SLDL 60lbs superset with the presses. Before this I did Wenning warmup NG DB presses, Face pulls, and Plank. 4 rounds 25 reps except planks those were just a minute.

This weekend been eating a bit more probably not good but not too worried. I’ll start weigh-ins in the morning again like you should. Got a feeling it’s around 218.

Oh and here’s to all the service members still here and those we have lost. Also for all our loved ones who have went on ahead of us. Happy Memorial day.


W2D2 Krypteia Squat
120, 150, 185, 210, 240, 270 x 5 210 5 x 5
T Bar Row 135 x 12 and Incline DB Press 50s x 12

Whew zapped a bit today strength was there just low energy.

Weight was up more than anticipated but I smoked some beef ribs low and slow this weekend. The family chowed down on those ribs. They were perfectly cooked. Man they were good. May have over indulged this weekend but meh. I can make up the lost ground.


Hell yeah

Wish I would have taken a pic. But anyway my boy helped me smoke the meat and at 4 years old he nearly took down a whole rib which is easily .5lb of beef. Even my picky veggie loving daughter did some work on the ribs.

Haha that’s awesome. Teaching your son well man!

What kind of smoker do you use? I have a Weber smokey mountain that is great but takes some serious babysitting. I got my brother an electric smoker a couple years ago and man… that thing is super easy.

I have a WSM too but have it down to an art. The water pan helps stabilize the heat but if that’s not your thing. They make little fans and automatic temperature controllers for the WSM. Makes it act like a pellet/electric grill. I’ve thought about buying that for some overnight brisket cooks just to give me some piece of mind sobi can sleep without burning up an expensive brisket.

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Forgot to log Yesterday.
W2D3 Bench Krypteia
85, 110, 135, 155, 175, 195, for 5 then 155 5 x 5
SLDL Shrugs 60s and Landmine Squats 95.
Still doing Wendler warmups those may have gassed my bench a bit. May have done too heavy of pushdowns. But I did 100 pushdowns, 100 facebulls, and 100 powertec bench all in a 4 giant sets before hitting Krypteia. I like this for volume and a little GPP to prepare me for…uh…more GPP via Krypteia. I mean it can’t hurt at this point. Weight is still 220. Need to be better about eating. Clean it up at the very least.


W2D4 Krypteia Dreads
Wendler Warmups Facepulls, KB swings, and decline situps.

Deads 155, 185, 225, 275, 305, 345 1x5 275 5x5
Chins and Dips

Got to work on some conditioning on the off days more. No excuses. Also as usual more chins.


I had no idea that existed, I’ll definitely check into it. That would make using it so much easier.

W3D1 Krypteia OHP
50, 65, 75, 95, 105, 120 1 x 5, 95 5 x 5
SLDL Shrugs Toes Elevated 60s for 12, landmine squat 95 for 10.
Struggling on 120. Still not any better at OHP. Rough weekend this weekend. My little boy apparently ate all the low hanging mulberries off one of our trees and felt like he needed to climb it to get more. He fell out and broke his radius and ulna. So we splinted it Sunday and then Monday had him properly casted. He’s fine. Pissed cause his mom won’t let him ride his bike for now.


W3D2 Krypteia Squat
135, 155, 185, 225, 255, 285 for 5, 225 5 x 5
Pulldown 180lbs, Incline DB Bench 60s

It’s been hot but today was brutal brutal brutal. It was 94 today with 80% humidity. The shop was a swamp with 1 tiny fan. The squats were easy enough. I was trying to cool off between sets. It’s the beginning of June and the heat advisories are already hitting. Going to be one of those years where we hit all extremes. Should wake up even earlier than I already do to work out but…man that would suck bad too. But I may have to if this keeps up.


W3D3 Krypteia Bench
Bench 85, 105, 135, 165, 185…185. 165 5x5
SLDL Shrugs 60s toes elevated and Landmine Squats 95lbs.

Tried shirt off benching because I was drenched. But failed on the first 185, felt unstable got 2 reps then racked. Went ahead and did the superset assistance came back threw the shirt on, wiped down everything and knocked it out barely. Not sure 205 was there for 5. Pressing has been suspect for a while. I’m going to keep doing the Wendler warmups in there but I’m suspecting that’s eating into my main work. The warm ups get a good burn started in my shoulders and triceps. I wouldn’t think it would be affecting my main work, but sure seems that way on pressing days. Probably means my triceps and shoulders both suck. So…I’ll keep it up. Also going to start more arm work. Meanwhile squats and deads seem to be just fine with the Wendler warmups. I suck at pressing anyway kind of wish it was the other way around.

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W3D4 Krypteia Deads
155, 185, 225, 285, 325, 365 1x5 285 5x5
Dips and Chins
This took 2 days to complete, during the weekend my wife works. Hard to get time to push the workouts with the kiddos but made it in 2 days. Which is not the point of this program, so I need to figure something out here. I probably need to start doing this before sun up. I mean I nearly die trying to get these in at the hottest part of the day. It looks like its going to be brutal for at least the next 2-3 weeks.

Thinking I like the 3 day a week approach and if I’m feeling another work out after the 3rd day just hit a mini sesh with some stuff I need to bring up. Probably keep the Wendler warmups in there. Last night when I couldn’t sleep I was thinking that I really like the setup of Super Squats. I want to make some tweaks and hit that kind of session 3 days a week. I don’t want to put on a ton of weight right now. In fact, I need it to come down a bit. So I don’t plan on pushing it linearly like it the original program wants, but maybe intensifying it with some of CT’s stuff, i.e. RP work, Eccentrics, etc. Put some boring cardio stuff in the heat of the day just to keep me on my toes. So vest walks or carries or whatever. Either that or I’ll just keep running Krypteia…which is fine too nothing wrong with that.

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Monday 14 Jun 2021, 16:24

Squat (Barbell)
Set 1: 225 lbs × 20

Overhead Press (Barbell)
Set 1: 95 lbs × 11 cleaned each set
Set 2: 105 lbs × 8
Set 3: 105 lbs × 8 Rest Pause from 5 to 8. Paused at the hang and cleaned back up.

Incline Bench Press (Smith Machine)
Set 1: 275 lbs × 8 2 second negatives
Set 2: 275 lbs × 8
Set 3: 275 lbs × 7

Chin Up
Set 1: (+220 lbs) × 5
Set 2: (+220 lbs) × 5
Set 3: (+220 lbs) × 5

Romanian Deadlift (Barbell)
Set 1: 275 lbs × 15

Bent Over Row (Barbell)
Set 1: 155 lbs × 10 3 second negatives
Set 2: 155 lbs × 10
Set 3: 155 lbs × 10

Heavily influenced by Super Squats and CT. Just trying it out this week. I’m liking it but I’m not sure it’s the program or if it was because the heat was intense but way less humid. It almost felt fine as long as your not in the direct sun for more than 15 minutes.

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40lb vested yard work. Wife mowed the land today and she wanted all the low hanging tree limbs trimmed and hauled off. Taking advantage of the low humidity and did that bit vested. Also picked a ton of wild blackberries. Good time of the year.

Wednesday Sesh
225 x 22

OHP (Cleaned) 2 sec eccentrics
100 3 x 8

Flat Bench PowerTec 2 sec eccentrics
315 3x7

TBar Row 180

I called it there. I waited late to do this so it would cool off. It didn’t. And by then I was tired anyway. Bad call. I just need to wake up and try to hit this stuff groggy as hell. Especially when there is no breeze at all, it makes lifting in the shop brutal. I’ll do some stuff tonight not sure what but something. Then wakeup and hit it Friday like I should.

Weight is 219 trending in the right direction for once.

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