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If any of you have ever suffered from a severe injury, you can relate to my plight. After many years and countless training sessions I substained an injury the irony being it was not training related (I am a hardcore Mountain Biker and had a mishap where I landed on my Head hence The Nick Name Lip Stand. my friends tell me that the jury still out if there was ever anything there to injure.) So after I happened to see my self-naked in the mirror the other day (man that was scary)and being totaly disgusted. I decided to go see my friendly neighbourhood Witch Doctor and convince him that I was fit enough to return to the the world of pumping Iron.
The first problem is finding a Gym in this my New city of residence, (since when did Gyms become Clubs?)where I will feel comfortable.
It appears that the same people who train USED CAR SALESMEN train these so Called Membership Consultants, they can’t seem to get it through their heas
ds I want to try out their Club before I make a commitment to join their establishment.
So I finnally decided to try A “club” near my home, nice clean friendly place that’s family oriented that has alot to offer everyone, but i do wish they would pick different traing music who wants to train to Barney’s song "I love You,You love Me?)
After much thought I decided the first body part I should train after my long absence should be my Chest, (God what was I thinking???)So i find my sself a flat bench in a queit little corner and tdecide to do some Dumb Bell presses,
for a guy who used to do 110’s for 12 reps this should be fairly easy , Wrong, doing 60’s for 6 reps took everything I could muster. I did no better on the incline bench though I did out lift the 9o year old man beside me by 5 lbs, Thank Christ i didn’t attempt the decline bench or they might of had to call in the Paramedics.

Well to say the least my first day back to a training regime was verrrrry interesting.
I would be truly indebeted to any of you who can offer any suggestions on how to approach my comeback.
Tough Times Don’t Last
Though People Do
Lip Stand

I had several knee surgeries while in high school (actually came within 48 hours of having my left leg amputated). I was in the hospital and at home in bed for 6 full months. The best advice I have is to take it slow and use it as an opportunity to fix all of the imbalances you know you had before. Everybody has certain body parts or sides of their body that are stronger, so now that you can’t use any real weight is a great time to address the imbalances that you have. Good luck.

Get some white T-shirts and write “I’M REHABBING A BAD INJURY” on them in permanent marker so you don’t feel like such a puss in the gym.

I just got back to lifting about 3 weeks ago after a 2-month injury induced layoff. Your numbers aren’t all that bad for your first time back in the gym. I’m not even allowed to do any kind of overhead pressing. As I said in T/N yesterday, it’s not physically possible for me to do chins, dips, deadlifts, etc. I’m very limited. In fact, I tried to use the preacher bench yesterday and just leaning against it was uncomfortable. My training has taken on a whole new look. I have to consciously tell myself to stay in control. I get the urge to dial up the load, but I know I can’t.

My advice:

Stay within your limits.

Have fun. Hey, you’re lifting again. That’s great in itself.

Tailor your diet to your goals.

Talk to someone that can set you up with the right program for you.

Good luck. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

Thanks for the encouragement Lets see what tomorrow Brings
Stay loose