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The Long Lost Press

Since this is T-Nation and the training here is diferent than on the outside world, I know that a lot of the forum users incorporate only the best compound movements in their program. I was curious about the overhead press (BB Style). I read that a good athlete that lifts should be able to press his or her bodyweight with good form. I am a newb to the forum and actually am working my way up on this movement myself.

Right now I’m currently putting up 100lbs for sets. I use a belt too sometimes to keep my back from arching too much. I was just wondering how many of the more advanced lifters out there put up heavy presses for sets because 170lbs seems like a ton for the movement…good lookin

At least you’re only 170 lbs. I’m 225 lbs. I started lifting this at the start of summer and I’m up to 135 lbs for sets. 90 lbs is a hell of a long way to go before I hit overhead bodyweight presses for sets.

I’ve struggled my way up to 155 for a triple and 170 for 1RM on military press. Shoulders are really tough to make progress on. I’m gunning for the bodyweight goal myself, and it’s slow going.

I just finished a six week chunk of trying to bring my shoulders up, and added 20lb to my 1RM. Gonna focus on legs for the next six weeks and then I’m going right back to shoulders.

EDIT: Seated Military. Sadly, the ceiling in the ‘Dungeon’ isn’t tall enough for standing mil. presses.

I’m doing 125 for sets at a bodyweight of 175 at the moment. I’m not sure if the bodyweight press goal is supposed to be for one rep or for more though.

When I finally got my lockout correct I could use more weight, so maybe check that out.

I’m 225 and just did 165x11. Realize that it doesn’t happen overnight. I don’t know about doing sets with your bodyweight, but a single is definitely good!