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The Long Iron Road to Buffdom

Hey T-family. I was wondering (yes I do that on occasion) how long you guys have been training and at what stage have you made the most progress whether it be size, cuts, body fat loss, or just in general. I’m a training toddler myself, been at the iron for two years now. My best stage has been the last two months, when I revamped my workout and creating a Standard/Interval Training hybrid. I do 4-5 sets of a core exercise (Bench Press, Deads, ect.) followed by another exercise with maybe a 3x10 look to it, then I do interval sets of three exercises for the muscle group I’m working that day. In between sets I run on a stairclimber doing 1-2 min. sprints, and then resting 1-2 mins. I look forward to hearing about your progress. That’s right YOU, the T-freak reading this. Yes you, damnit! Lata.

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(Monkey; agree with your closing; some of the most absolutely drop-dead, naturally beautiful women I have EVER seen are not in California; but attend the schools of the SEC (Auburn, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, A&M, etc). On to your question. My love for the Iron Game has probably been since I was a teenager, BUT my greatest progress has been in the past 2-3 years. That progress corresponds with 1)Knowledge 2) Stop trying EVERYTHING I read in the mags and 3) quite frankly, the knowledge I’ve gained from “Testosterone” (wish it was around 10 years ago!). I’m on a 2 day split (M/T Rest T/F Rest/Rest), always include cardio, usually first thing in the a.m. on an empty stomach (I gain weight with SMELLING food!) and have SLOWLY been adding some post workout cardio. I ALWAYS include basic movements, and recently have realized that I probably am not pushing myself enough. (I have begun Mariam Jones concept of working at 80%1RM on M/T; 90%1RM on Thur/Fri., working bodyparts 2x/week. I am really seeing results. The “Don’t Diet” (macronutient partitioning) is by basline diet; about 2gms/pound of protein (the 80’s and early 90’s bodybuilders seemed to grow well at this level with not NEARLY the level of poly-pharmacy of today. I’m STILL playing with ratios, but the 40P/40C/20F seems to be a solid, “basic” ratio. Oh; cardio is basically treadmill and stationary bike, but I am trying to get up the nerve to do some of Shugart’s Stadium Step Running and Sled Pulling. (Are you ever too old for that stuff? Smile!! :)–) I’m about 200 lbs, 15 % BF at 5’10". Actually, I have a goal similar to JB’s; about 180-185; single digit BF%. I’m gettin’ there, and YOU guys are a major reason why…

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I have been weight training since i was about 15, over the years, my reasons for working out have changed. Of course when i was younger, i would basically just hit the gym when i had time, i pretty much played every sport you can think of, but my nutrition was horrible. Tons of shity food. After high school all i did was pretty much westside that revolved around the Ol’ clean and jerk…which by the way i am still a huge fan of…i workedout with all of my buddies who were pretty much all like 275 - 6’4’'ish, o-linemen and heavy into powerlifting to suppliment football. Unfortunatly, they all took of to play football a the D-1 level,and i didn’t. i guess no one wants a FB thats 6 ft 235 with shoulder problem, but hell FB have had shoulder problems…Anyhow, i was sick of being 230-240, i did not have any reason to stay at that size anymore. So i got into my own thing…Kinda a cross better powerlifting in bodybuilding. Just Build up the muscle then shead the fat…and the repeat…
about three years later i’m 180 with 9bf and shooting for about 20 more lbs of muscle, but i’m in no hurry…it will come in time.

I started training when I was 15, and weighed 160 at 6’2. By my senior year in high school I weighed 180. In collage (FSU) I majored in nutrition and fitness and worked at our fitness facility as a trainer. I weighed 208 at 8% body fat my senior year of college. I stayed very active in college; played basketball 3 times per week for 2-3 hours at a time. Also, did a lot of cardio and lifted 4-5 times per week. I made my best gains in size and strength when I was 23. I had graduated and was working as a PT and was able to eat 8 times per day. I lifted 3 times per week and did basic exercises (sumo dead lift, squat, bench etc). I gained 25 pounds in about 8 weeks most of which was muscle. I also noticed that my metabolism had slowed some, which also made it easier to gain weight. By the age of 25 I weighed 250 and then dieted down to 225 over the next 4 months. I lost the weight by doing cardio every morning and then training later in the day. My body fat was @7-8%. When I was 26 I decided to see how big I could get. I ate all the time and within one year got up to 275. I was pretty fat (18%) but very strong. I lost some fat and stayed between 260-265 until this year. In April I did the fat fast and have been dieting since I came off the ff. I now weigh 242 and the majority of the weight loss has been fat. I would like to be 235 at 6-7% body fat. In summary, I found that for me the best way to gain weight is to eat 7-8 times per day and to train 3 times a week with basic exercises. I also keep a log and try to increase my weight or reps each time I lift. When I hit a sticking point I change up my routine, usually every 4 weeks or so.

The less time you have been training, the
easier it is to gain mass because the stmulus
is new and you are further away from your
genetic potential. The less time you have been
training, the harder it is to get cut because
you have less muscle mass to raise your

The longer you have been training the harder it is to gain mass because the stimulus is less novel and you are closer to your genetic limits. However, the longer you have been training the easier it is to get cut because you have more muscle to raise your metabolism and because you know how your body responds to different diet + training.

Within the past few months I’ve also found that I suffered from overtraining by training four days a week. I now trian three days a week with abs/calves/some cardio on off days and have found it to be quite an improvement. It made me realize how truly important rest and recuperation were.

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