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The Long Game

Hi All,

Quick history,
Training: 5/6 years
Cycles: Test e and a Rip Cycle pre contest. Use var/winny/tbol/superdrol in the past
Comps: 2 MP Category
Height: 6ft 2
Weight: 204lbs
BF%: 12

So next year I am looking a few different comps and categories to do. Firstly is classic category where my max weight would be 96kg for my height or going muscle model where I would probably want to be about weight if not a tad heavier.

So what ive been advised or told to consider is what ill call “the long game” that looks at upping the dose very slowly every 5 weeks for 15 weeks, drop down to trt dose and then go again. Well the timings almost work out so i could potentially run the bulk into a short cruise into a cut cycle ready for the shows. Will aim to stay lean during this bulk and shall not go much higher than 14%

Test 275 Deca 275 Oxy 50 - what ill be getting
1-5 Test e 350mg Deca 275 Oxy 50mg preworkout
6-10 Test e 550 Deca 412
11-15 Test e 686 Deca 550

So ill be basically starting test at 1.25ml upping to 2ml then 2.5ml. Deca will be 1ml 1.5ml and 2ml. Will have caber/adex/letro/nolva/hcg on hand and will use hcg twice weekly.

Drop down to a cruise dose of 200mg for 6-10 weeks and then go into a cutting cycle. Aims:

  • Grow lean muscle off as little gear as possible
  • Diet consistent to minimise bloat
  • Come into the next competition tighter than ever

All advice would be appreciated and if anyone has ever run anything like this in the past.