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The Long Game - a Log


Good workout today, despite stomach still being upset. Wondering how long that will go on.

Thought I’d go for it on the bench press. went for 115kg, got it, attempted 120kg but missed it.

13th January 2019
Bench press - 115kg * 1 (SB), 120kg * 0, 82.5kg * 8 (SB)
BOR - 90kg * a few, dumbbells * a few

I could have done with a better de-rack on the 120kg attempt. But I think it suffices to say it simply wasn’t there. Very much hope I’ll make 120kg at the end of the month, if not slightly more.

Keeping an eye on my knee. I’ll hopefully get back to doing lower body workouts sometime this week.


Stomach still not better.

Went to war with the iron today. Just felt like it.

15th January 2019 (yesterday)
Chins - 19 total (SB)
Dips - 34 total (SB)

16th January 2019
Deadlift - 193.5kg * 0, 191kg * 1 (SB), 142.5kg * 7 (SB)

The good news is my knee felt fine.
I wonder whether the deadlifts were affected by my doing chins yesterday. I rather think they were; I think there is some muscle overlap between the two movements. For this reason, I might put in a rest day every 4 days before I deadlift.

Damn gloomy day here today.

Measured myself on a second pair of scales today, and I’ve got heavier. If I stick with the first set of scales, I’m 14st 2. It’s curious that I’m gaining weight but losing fractions of an inch from my waist circumference. I suppose it’s exactly what you would want to happen, but it’s happening very slowly.

Ordered some Maximuscle cyclone, which is whey protein plus creatine monohydrate. It feels like I need a bit more protein in my diet.