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The Log of an Aspiring Superhero



Either purposely, or....not on purpose, you have found yourself in my log. Please read the words for they were written with the intention of being read. If you find yourself annoyed, I could really care less. Anyway enough with the needless information, let's get started.


Weight- 192
Height- 6ft

Close grip bench - 245 by 2-3 (spot touched it..)
ATG Squat (best 285 x 3, current - I have no idea)
Quarter Inch Squat -( OVER 9000)
Deadlift (Current - 445)
Standing Overhead Press - (155 x 2)
Edit - Dumbbell Row 170 x 15...with straps, without 150 by 10

By my XXth birthday in a couple months I hope to hit 275 for a double on closegrip, 315 on squats,and 475+ on Deadlifts.

I don't follow any smancy fancy pants type of programs, I can't stand a piece of paper telling me what to do. Also my body is whack so I really have to train by feel. The only supplements I take are Xtend for recovery and Creatine. My diet sucks in the sense that sometimes I don't eat at all in a day, and other days I have six meals. Life of a busy college kid. Whatever you feel like saying, or say it I personally don't care. :slightly_smiling:

My current split is I DO WHAT I WANT.
I mean, Chest, Back, Legs, Shoulders, Arms, Not necessarily in that order. I don't have planned rest days I take off when I need to or when I have no choice. I train like a Powerlifter/bodybuilder. I have one "Big lift" and the rest is assistance/hypertrophy work. Whatever it works for me.

Now that the boring stuff is complete, and if you read all that I commend you, for that you get, 1 cookie. Time to go eat and then gym ^_^ Today is back day!


Dude, I'm a villain. What's up?


Aha! The infamous Count Rockula dares to post in my log!? Who does this guy think he is....

I have been following you for quite some time good sir, you and your villainous nature are welcome for now. I know I am not strong enough yet to defeat you and sway you off the path of the dark side but in good time I promise you, in good time...

But I must ask...what is your purpose here? Do you mean to try and sway me to the dark side? or are you keeping your eyes out for future enemies?

I ate quite a bit of candy today so I don't really know what I'm saying....forgive me. (Hershey's cookies and cream tis my Kryptonite)


Today was a back day, first a warning, I actually had three meals and some candy today so I was feeling pretty nifty, the volume is a bit high for mere mortals, do not attempt this. Also I have found the only thing that works for my back is high reps plus high volume plus high weight. I'm not good at math so I don't know what that equals though.

Okay okay on to the workout

Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns- 5 x 10 (I don't pay attention to weight, it's meh, we go furr the burn!)

Kayak Rows - 5 x 10 (by someweight)

Barbell rows overhand grip- 45 x 20, 95 x 15, 145 x 15, 195 x 15, 245 x 10, 295 x 10 (Yes yes body english blah blah)

Barbell Rows underhand grip- 295 x 10, 245 x 10, 195 x 10, 145 x 15, 95 x 20

Note I do these with 25's just because...

Dumbbell Rows - 50 x 20, 70 x 20, 85 x 20, 100 x 30, 100 x 30 (Stupid gym maxes out at 100's...lame!) 70 x 20

Underhand Lat pulldowns - 90 x 15, 140 x 15, 180 x 10, 230 x 10, 270 x 10, 230 x 10, 90 x 20, 90 x 20

Deadlifts - 135 x 10, 225 x 10,315 x 1, 355 x 10 (PR!), 225 x 9(thumbless grip), 135 x 10( 2 finger grip)

Close grip plate loaded hammer row thingymajig - 90 x 20, 180 x 20, 270 x 15, 360 x 15, 180 x 20, 180 x 20, 90 x 20, 90 x 20

Yup that was all, I was thinking of some back extensions and abs but I'll just feature it on tomorrow's menu which is A la carte shoulders

I love doing deadlifts next to last, really tests me mentally and physically...Could I pull more if I started fresh? No doubt. Could I pull more with a better grip? Sure could. See the though process....?


Shoulders/Traps and Such

Military Press: 65 x 5, 95 x 5, 115 x 5, 145 x 2 (DAMMIT I HATE THIS!), 125 X 8 (Come to think of it....PR?), 125 X 2, 115 X 9, 115 X 1, 105 X 10

Lateral Raise - Front Raise - Shoulder Press Combo( these suck so bad...) 15 x 10, 25 x 10, 30 x 10, 20 x 10, 20 x 10

Cable Laterals - meh 10 sets of 10-15 reps

Rear Delts - 10 sets of 10-15 reps

Shrugs- 135 x 20, 225 x 15, 365 x 15, 405 x 15, 475 x 10, 545 x 10(PR), 405 x 10, 315 x 15, 225 x 20, 135 x 20

Machine Laterals- 10 sets of 10-15 reps

Swiss ball crunches - 4 sets of 45

Kind of High volumeish I guess. I like volume, The only thing that works for is like I said before Heavy weight + High Reps + High Volume.


I'm just watching man. No need to worry. I wanna feel you out and heckle for a while.

When I see a sign of weakness though....can't promise I won't strike.

Looks like we are both volume junkies so we may become allies.


Today was an off day since I didn't have time to hit the gym...hopefully I have a chance to tomorrow but even for me sometimes school must come first :open_mouth:

Blahh rode my bike 10 miles though to take a Concealed carry class. Tomorrow I'm riding another 10 miles for the firing range session, should be pretty sweet!


I know you dont care, because you do as you like blablabla, but I would advise against 10 rep deadlifts. I would go for 7 reps max, but I prefer 5s or 3s.

Just saying.

And I am also a part of the superhero universe. Im not a hero, and I am not a villian. Im kind of an offsider, kind of like how catwomen is. Get me?



Hey mello...we have our first enemy..a bird that woear a leather cat costume.


If you say so, I never let my guard down . And if you're just here to feel me out and heckle me...well grab a number and get in line! Might take some time for you to get your chance, I'm pretty popular like that.

No weakness here, if you perceive it, that's a mistake on your part bro, if you decide to take a swing...well you're gonna miss chicken wings..

Volume is the way to go!! I might give that FST-7 shit a try sometime, some like good stuff.

Hahahahaha....you're pretty weird. Continuing to try something even though you know it's pointless, sounds like the definition of a retard to me. Haha.

I hear ya dude, the 10 reps might make more sense after you see my leg day. I do high rep deadlifts on back day for two reasons, A) Strengthen my grip, And 2) Get some explosive pulls in. On my leg day, I do low reps typically from 1-5(usually from a deficit because I'm weak of the floor). I'm on my own version of a deadlift program, get me?

Hahaha. I know man I still don't even know exactly what the hell that bird was chirping about. But seems like that's going to be something I might have to take care of in the future.....

So today I don't have time for the gym because of some stupid work that needs doing, however I did manage to acquire a certificate that shall allow me to have a concealed carry as soon as I am of age. Pretty stoked about that, every superhero should have a gun as a backup, just in case THESE GUNS!!(POINTS TO MY ARMS), happen to run out of ammo.


Buddy, meet your first arch nemesis.

This is war. Bird-style.



Oh it's on Bird man! You have no idea who you're messing with!!!

And a bit off topic, but whereabouts are you in Australia mate? I'm thinking about doing an exchange to Sydney or Wollongong, I have a couple friends up there, just wondering if you have knowledge on the area.

And birds have wars?


It's been three days since I've been to the gym.....I think I'm going insane. My only hope is tomorrow I can get stuff done and that my class gets out early for a possible quick workout, if not I'm seriously considering calling in sick at work so I can workout because I am sick.....of not working out!


Hi nemesis,

I live in Perth which is on the other side of the country to Sydney. What do you do/study? Can you come to Perth? If so, then we can be training buddies. It will be just like when batman teamed up with bane to destroy chemical warfare equipment in Arkham city.



Dun dun de dunn!

It's been a while....

So I've been sick. Again. A lot. Stomach Problems. The same. Every freaking year. +Plus migraines. So every October, November, and December I get stomach issues + head issues, and gain/lose 15-25lbs in about two weeks! Cycling, lose 15 gain 10, get sick, lose 18, gain 8...ect. I started at 197 and hit my lowest at around 168.....soooooo it's been another uphill climb but I'm tipping the scales at 190 as I write this. I am soon scheduled for one of them whatchu ma call its where they stick a tube down your throat to look at your insides.....does not sound fun. But if it means an end to my eternal war with my stomach? I'm all for it. Oh hey, despite this I still got kickass grades and am looking to graduate 2 years ahead of the average college student :smiley:

Been training consistently again for a week or so,
Same stuff as usual but I've added some running since, A) I feel fat, and B) I got them five fingered shoe thingies!

Bench =sucky
Squat = Meh weight lousy, form better
Military? Gayyy.
Deadlift= Meh 4 plates + whatever, the grip is really being a letdown.

Today's workout


Walk some, Jog Some, Run some,
Stretch some

Military 4 x 5 at 105 (easyyy)
Squat 4 x 5 at 105 (easyyy)

-Note I've added military and front squats as a wake up/ technique practice to every workout, just sticking with really light weights and adding lbs + reps every week or so.

ATG squat - Warmups
then 225 x 5 x a lot. And one set of four cuz I can't count.

4 x 8 x 95/115/whatvez just accessory stuffs trying to improve conditioning so 45 sec rests

5 x 12

Some Calves by some

Some abs by some.

Done. Eat food. Get sleep.



Bromigo, Lol I was looking at Sydney Hahaha. I know a couple spliffie kids living over there that's why, I honestly have no idea though, Germany is sounding legit, or even just stay in the states and hit up Minnesota see them big ass lakes I been hearing about. I study Criminology, Psychology, Biology, Math (Stats stuff mostly), and a little bit of this and a little of that. Uber Nerd over here. But if I end up in Australia I'll let you know!


Chest day

Close grip bench

Worked up to 195 by 5, nothing special just trying to get the weights back up, started light last weeks goal (185) and adding 10lbs as soon as I get 5. Should be back to repping 240ish in a month or so.....or at least that's the plan

Incline Bench

165 x 5 x a lot, couple singles and doubles with 195, Anything besides a close grip (index on the smooth) hurts my shoulders like hell for some reason on any form of bench. Same as above, starting light and going to work back up there

Low Cable Flies 5 x 10

High Cable Flies 5 x 10

Mid Cable Flies 5 x 10

Some abs

then all pau.

Pretty stoked strength is coming back quickly, just gotta be patient so my joints can keep up...


I guess you could say I'm the antihero. Sometimes a give a fuck, sometimes I don't.


Very Interesting....what causes such thinking?

However, a word of advice if you will, tread carefully, veryyyyyy carefully. Because your line of thinking sounds a lot like my diet.

Oh yeah, welcome to my logtress of solitude!


According Section 13 Article 4.1 of the Antihero Code of Conduct, my past is to blame for my dissociative and hardened thought processes.