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The Little Catastrophes in Life..


I found a recent site which may or may not be new news to some people, but i thought it was hilarious. Hundreds-Thousands of little 2-5 sentence blurbs about shitty things happening to people. Some of my personal favorites. Enjoy life's craziness


my personal favorite, and future fear...

Today, I went to the park and sat down on a bench to enjoy my coffee. I heard a few young girls behind me talking about how their first experience of sex was. I turned around to see how old these girls really were. One of them was my daughter. FML


I just failed a math test and want to blow my brains out.....

71 [ercent



oh wow, i've never heard of this site before.

amazing find.


He's Canadian.


If the sarcasm didn't tip you off OP, this site is old news.

I prefer It Made My Day: http://immd.icanhascheezburger.com/


gayer than two coconuts sodomizing each other under a double rainbow


Holy smokes, you weren't kidding...I went there and the first one was this....get ready to blow your nose with a pancake because it's really syrupy!

After almost 24 years of not seeing my dad, and moving far away from where we lived near him, I finally found his number online today. I was afraid to call but when I did, and he found out it was me on the phone we both broke down crying from sheer joy. It was great to hear his voice after so many years. IMMD and my life.


Yeah, some are sappy enough to give you diabetes, but some are good.

"I just got a postcard of a boy graduating. It read, 'I'm doing this today thanks to you.' I'm an EMT."


L O Fucking L


This site is pure gold:

Today, my dadâ??s best friend, who has been his business associate for the past 28 years, took me to a Star Wars store for my 18th birthday. He put on a Darth Vader helmet, and imitating his voice, said: "I am your father." I laughed. It wasnâ??t a joke. FML

Today, I was getting it on with my boyfriend. I started to come, screaming, "Ahâ?¦ ah.. ah... AHH!" To which he added, "Staying alive! Staying alive!" FML

Today, I went to get a tattoo. I decided on getting my four month daughter's name tattooed on my upper arm. I went home to show my wife. She broke down and told me that I'm most likely not the father. It's a toss-up between her co-worker, the guy who does our lawn, several strangers and me. FML


True romance:

Today, my boyfriend told me he loved me for the very first time in three years. Apparently, all it took was anal. FML


What are the odds that even 10% of those are legit?


It seems to be a lot of kids that place an over importance on minor stuff, others are awesome.


What I really dislike were about the neglect from boy/girl friends. I mean c'mon, it's not like they're married.