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The Libido Conundrum


This is a topic Iâ??ve thought about intensely for a few years now (since my mid-30s; Iâ??m 39 now). I personally experience libido in waves, which I believe is dependent on my hormonal state (no great revelations there!). After losing serious flab and getting into training and good diet, I have experienced more libido highs than lows â?? a fact past girlfriends could attest to!

Iâ??ve experimented with lots of training systems, e.g. HIT, HFT, etc; and lots of eating systems, e.g. keto, high carb, IF, etc. Iâ??m also a bit of a supplement junkie and have used/still use trib, d-aspartic acid, mega dosing of vit D, etc.

Of course, when youâ??re stressed and/or sleep deprived your libido suffers. However, these variables aside it can be pretty difficult to nail just what works and what doesnâ??t. To use one crude example, last year I took the best part of 3 months off from training due to my lower back. During this time I did zero physical activity (I was also single at the time). I also decided to eat what I wanted. I retained enough self-discipline not to binge but I basically ate what I felt like, e.g. cakes, and other junk food. What I experienced almost immediately was a huge surge in libido, often waking up at night with painful erections, the type I havenâ??t had since my teens. This lasted weeks.

All this has led me to the conclusion that the greatest variable affecting libido is - your partner(s). When you physically connect with someone your sex drive soars. My current girlfriend of the last 6 months is a great example of that. She is one of the few partners Iâ??ve had who can give me the closest thing Iâ??ve had to a multiple organism. I have been able to climax only to be physically ready for more sex within approximately 5 minutes, with sessions often lasting around 3 hours.

So while all of the above are variables affecting libido, my take is that the main variable in a relatively healthy body â?? is actually someone elseâ??s body! Just my take.


Have your testosterone checked. Testosterone deficiency seems to becoming more and more common or just more awareness. I'm a HRT patient actually and I'm glad I went through the process to identify the issue and start therapy, it's changed my life. :slight_smile:


It's called intimacy.
Yes, it is important for a/most healthy relationship(s).
Yes, it also depends on the person.


Its an intersting theory but I'm pretty much in the mood no matter if my wife is or not.


The greatest variable to increased libido is 5/3/1 with or without BBB sets.
I've also heard bench shirts and squat suits have similar effect.


Still a sexual thought every 29 seconds. Damn I love being male!


earlier today I benched 700 x 2 off the two board, went home, took a nap, went to bbq, after that with kids in bed initiated with my hot ass wife what ended up being 45 minute sex session between kitchen and bedroom. just ate a ribeye/shrimp/greens/onions/eggg and egg white omelete afterwards.

wait, what was the topic????


...I got a cramp in my toe today while dead lifting, Im really not sure if it had anything to do with my hormonal levels or my libido, it usually only happens when Im having an orgasm.


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yeppers. btw your home gym is looking good. kinda jelly on that rack (power rack). now going to enjoy some 12 year old scotch a friend bought for me and watch Blade II for the 10,000th time, since wife is asleep


Kids these days...
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Wait what? You had an orgasm while dead lifting? LMAO

I am thinking of having Inzer mkae me a double denim condom. I am after all a gear whore...


Hate to break it to you Joe, but rape has been illegal within marriage for quite a while now.

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Well you're still OK then, as long as the relative or livestock is above the age of consent.


To James B.

MY feeling is your libido rose when you took time off because you had more energy and less stress. Yeah its a complex subject given that age, hormones, what you eat, stress, rest, and whether you're having regular sex all matter. You are still young relatively speaking so no problems there. And if your saying that exercise isn't important well that's only a part of the story. Too much exercise will decrease your desire, but what is too much for one person isn't for another. No doubt its a complex but interesting subject.


me too


My libido has been one wave.

It started at 12 and has been cresting ever since.




You don't have orgasms while deadlifting? Have you tried sumo yet?


DAMN, something must be wrong with my form!