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Why Krugman's Latest Attack on Sanders' Economic Plans Is Wrong


Why Attacks on Trump Don't Work

Hey, looks like we get to check in with Milton again!


haha made me laugh to start the day, best response to a Bernie thread. Keep 'em coming!


Watching Bernie-ites sputter and stammer trying to rebut this is absolute gold.


I wonder how the economic theory he espouses works out in real life? Why was the economy booming in the 50's and the taxes were the highest?

Critiques of Friedmans work and capitalism.


He is a bit hard to understand because of his thick accent.


Why Attacks on Trump Don't Work

"The 50's had the highest tax rate" myth. No one paid 91%. It is complete fantasy. If we went by the marginal rates in the 50's a lot of rich would get a tax cut.

Don't take my word for it. Peter Schiff


This is laughable. "His economic models lack social responsibility" What the hell?

People have responsibilities. You and I have responsibilities. Economic models and data do not. Government force is not charity or social justice.


Yes I know that no one paid 91%. The effective tax rate is what counts. Here is an article that states taxes are the lowest today since 1950.



The economy of the 50's had nothing to do with the tax rate.

There was a huge event, previous, where the US Goverment's fiscal policy expanded the output of our country. Then most of our rivals were forced to exit the market for awhile. Our free market system allows us to quickly adapt to new conditions.

To quote Henry Hill, "it was a glorious time!"


Oh my fucking god...



Of course that guy agrees with me, but I find his summary shallow and pedantic.


You’re getting sucked into the ZEPZWEBZ again.

Resist my son.

He only trolls to pass the time waiting for his EBT card to come in.


Oh I don't know.....we became an economic superpower?

Comparing taxes now to taxes in the 50's is literally the dumbest thing I have heard in a while. Would you compare airplane performance (with a cost per unit effort) from 2016 to 1952? Well, actually you might.

I love it how you brush off one of the greatest economic minds of our time, and a Nobel winner..... Simply because you are the modern embodiment of that lady in the above video.


And some corporations don't pay any fee tax. How is that for an effective rate? There should be jobs everywhere. But booooo.... We have a disappearing middle class and a widening gap between classes.



You don’t understand the tax code at all so why would I discuss it with you?


There are 5,400,000 open jobs right now.





Does cutting taxes CREATE jobs?


Articles written by various authors.


What you just posted from the garbage huffingtonpost is laughable.