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The Leaning Process


Hey all, new guy here.

I have been working out hard for about 7 months now, I have lost 35lbs of fat and put on about 17 lbs of muscle. I am currently looking for a few good supplements that could assist me in the leaning process, if you could recommend something that has worked for you that would be great!

Disclaimer: If you?re about to reply to this post with an answer such as ?Do more cardio? or ?change your diet? please don?t waste your time, I?m just looking for a good recommendation on supplements. Thanks!


I just bought a bottle of HOT-ROX off here, never used it before, but it is suppose to work. Also depending on your state, the Feds have removed the ban on ephedra and taken responsibly is not all that bad. Those are the two I know of that work.


Try this reply.
Why are you trying to lose the fat? What are your goals? How much do you weigh? Height?


I'm confused by your question.

Do you want something to help you learn, or something to help you get leaner and more muscular?

Power Drive and Spike might fit the bill when it comes to learning.

On the other hand, I favor Maximum Strength HOT-ROX and Alpha Male for improving your physique. Even more important though, is making sure you have post-workout nutrition and daily protein needs covered. For these I like Biotest Surge and Grow!, respectively.


Dude... over the last 7 months, you've lost 5 pounds of fat per month and gained almost 2 pounds of muscle per month.

My advice: keep doing whatever you're doing.


ummm what the hell do you mean "the feds removed the ban on ephedra"

ephedra is still illegal, ephedrine never was illegal


Ephedra is legal again.


What he said.


Since when is Ephedra legal? Don't you think we would have heard this before now.


Uh, the rest of us have heard about it. You obviously live under a rock...which must seriously fuck up your social life.


I've found forskolin useful. Biotest has Carbolin 19 and there are others out there. Make sure that you are getting a good (forslean) standardized extract (i.e. 10% or better). For example, a product with 250mg extract standardized @ 10% would be 25mg pure forskolin per cap. I would dose it at 50-100mg per day. It's also great at preserving/building lean mass. Carbolin 19 is 20mg/cap.

Maximum Strength HOT-ROX is very effective as well...My only complaint is that I have horrible caffeine withdrawals following discontinuation of use.

Would LOVE to see a stand-alone A7-E product (the active ing. in HOT-ROX)!!!! Hint Hint


Sorry, my social life doesn't require me to know when ephedra has been legalized, again sorry.