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The Lean, Mean, Fat Reducing Grilling Machine


I use my George Foreman several times a day to cook chicken, beef, steak, etc. When I cook beef I scrape away what appears to be a shitload of fat. Anyone have any idea how much fat it actually takes off? I buy 80/20 ground beef (as it's the cheapest) and the nutritional info says 26 fat and 25 protein for 4 oz. What amount of fat would this be roughly after cooking? Anyone know? Thanks.


bump...I'd be interested in knowing this too...just out of curiosity.


weight meat before grilling

weigh meat post grilling

the difference is close. or just weight the stuff that comes out of the grill.


I use my George three times a day.


Don't know for sure but i don't think its quite as much as you think, a lot of juices etc run down into the tray also.

I use mine a lot and you see a lot of "fat" come out of things that have next to none on it sometimes.


god i love my foreman, cooks chicken breasts so fast


with some dash marinade and garlic salt, my chicken breast taste awsome.


Don't be so simplistic.

How much of that weight difference do you think is fat?

Better question: how much of what drips into the drip tray do you believe is merely fat?

It's mostly water, grasshopper.


Sure, a lot of what comes out is just water. Cooking chicken, pretty much all that comes out is water, and the drip tray is clear water. But with beef it's not the same at all. There's definately a lot of fat in there.


Agreed, because I've forgotten to empty it many times, and it solidifies into a white, well, solid. Is this not fat?


Nope, those are the pleasure juices of the masochistic cow that was so delightfully slaughtered... tends to stay in there after death...


Since it solidifies as a solid, I'm pretty sure thats mostly saturated fat. And quite a lot of it.

Or pleasure juices.