the laziness around us

Just out of curiosity, how many of you are surrounded by lazy people? WELL, I live with three lazy people. One rides his bike to school everyday so I don’t consider him too lazy. The second does nothing physical, but he does get his shit done, for example he will get totally shit faced one night and the next morning get up at 7:00 a.m. and be at school until 9:00 p.m., so it isn’t too bad for him. Well, the third is the laziest of them all. First off he will bitch and moan that he is in debt and he needs to get a job. After about a month he will find one, then he won’t go to work and he gets mad because he is still in debt. While he is supposed to be at work he sits at the fucking computer all damn day long! He won’t even go outside to see how great the weather is, he just plays computer games all day long.

Well, this doesn’t bother too much me because my motivation is invincible to all of this, but everyonce in a while when I have big tests to study for and I miss a training period to study it feels like his laziness is getting under my skin. When this occurs I just read some T-mag articles and I am ready to go.
So do any of the rest of you face this shit?

ya it sux, but you are dealing well with it. Good job bro!

There’s a guy at work who goes out & partys nonstop & complains about getting a beer gut. I don’t know if that counts as lazt or what.

Hell yeah dude…my younger brother is like 17, dropped out of HS at 16, and does nothing but fuck around all day.

Missing a training session to study isn’t lazy. After all, they are both forms of work that require effort. Training is important but you have to keep a handle on the other stuff too.

You want lazy? I think I know the laziest muther-fucker to walk the earth. This guy stays home with his 3 year old son. His son goes to pre school for half the day on top of that. His wife (a teacher, so she doesn’t make shit) was working 3 jobs!! while he stayed home and took 1 class at community college. On top of that he doesn’t cook or clean. His wife has to do that when she gets home. He won’t even bathe the kids. All he does is make sure they don’t kill themselves while they dismantle thier apartment. The other day his wife got let go from her other two jobs (they were at the same place, just different tasks with different pay checks). So he asks her to write his term paper for his one class for him, since she now has the time. He refuses to get a job!! That, my friends, is one lazy muther-fucker. Ishould have married his wife, she would have thought I came down from heaven, because I hae a job!! She’d blow me every night in thanks giving!