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The Layer System Progression


Hey Christian, how would you progress on the Layer System? You work up tp a 2rm each workout, but how would you progress from week to week? I’ve read an article you wrote about how growth and strength gains comes in spurts i.e you go several weeks without progression and then one week you increase by 15 pounds.
So question is should you plan a progression for exaple adding 5 pounds a week?


Edit: Also, i read you article on Thibarmy about Layers witch said that you should only do one layer workout per week, and was wondering if i could do Preacher Curls, Incline Bench, Barbell Bench and Power Shrug all for layers? The power shrug is replacement for SGHP. Will this be too much, and also do you still recommend doing the first layer in your Layer System article on T nation wich was isometrics?


Hello, the progress is auto-regulated. That means you try to lift each week as much weight as posssible. In week 1 you could Ramp to a 3 RM in week 2 to a 2RM and in week 3 to a 1RM for example. The layer system was designed with the shock-principle 4-8 weeks very hard training and after that for 1-3 weeks light training.