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The Law of Attraction


Anybody ever see "The Secret"? What do you guys think about The law of attraction?


Sounds like new age crap. Yes, just believe something will happen, don't bother putting anything into action in trying to achieve it. Who needs hard work or talent to achieve anything if you just wish really hard.


Before I get jumped on, people have to realize that while there ARE probably correlations between confidence and success (of many forms), these are CORRELATIONS not causations. There's a correlation between age and pregnancy in women, but age does not cause pregnancy and pregnancy does not cause age.


Wish in one hand...


I didn't read that book yet but I do believe that postive thoughts bring positive energy. Good things rarely fall out of the sky, you have to work at it.


The people who think it's magic are nuts. Famine victims probably do nothing but 'visualize' food, yet they get none.

However, if you meditate on a goal, you're probably going to notice people, news stories, ads, etc that could help you towards your goal, that you didn't notice before. Also, if you're positive and talking about your goals, people will likely help you out.


Some scientist beg to differ...


Some people think the earth is flat, some scientists believe that the earth is only 6000 years old also.

"Two new studies are about to report no benefit of having people pray for the sick, the only study underway is nearing completion, and the largest, best-designed project is being published in two weeks. Its eagerly awaited findings could sound the death knell for the field, breathe new life into such efforts, or create new debate."

Taken right from the article you linked to "help" your argument, two new studies about to report no benefit.

This next quote is in reference to one famous study that was FOR the argument that prayer helped healing.

"But these and other studies have been called deeply flawed. They were, for example, analyzed in the most favorable way possible, looking at so many outcomes that the positive findings could easily have been the result of chance."

Another one-"Other studies have been even more contentious, such as a 2001 project involving fertility patients that became mired in accusations of fraud."

Should I keep going? I'm only on the top of the 2nd page of the article.


It's not just believe. One was to truly believe. Like the Wrieght Brothers believed they could fly. It's basically the same theory as "If you say you can't you won't! Say you can and you will!"

Most of those guys are scammers. They make their money selling you books and programs on how to. It's the same principle used in religion. Belief!


So if I believe reeeeeeaaal hard, will Bambi's dad come back to life????


Can you truly believe he will?


I can wish for it when I blow out my birthday candles!


Positive energy brings positive results.


along with diligence and labor


I've actually read the book and the basic premise of the entire philosophy is think thoughts as if you already have what you want; instead of thinking about how much you want what you do not have.

I thought it was a good read, especially considering how negative everything around us is media wise these days. Its not revolutionary; these ideas have been around forever but its still something I think most people can take value from.

What it comes down to is that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


I think it's all a result of steroid abuse


I think its a rehash of several other older self help books that are about to have their copyrighted voided. Particularly the original "positive thinking" books that were not actually that bad.

With a very new age spin to it. The general IDEA of a positive mindset is probably good. However the whole, "its energy that spills out into the universe and makes the universe bring opportunities to you" idea is full of shit.

I wonder how people like oprah who have been into the whole self help/development genre of stuff for ages miss the parallels this has with other peoples work? That they thinks its, "new"? its probably proof none of them actually read the books. They just feature them to sucker in house wives.


The truth is that every success and failure of whatever you attempt starts in your mind.

Noone ever succeeded in business or athletics while secretly believing they'll fail. A successful mindset is the prerequisite for actual success of your actions. Noone can deny that.

I challenge anyone to take on a true defeatist attitude while competing in an athletic event. See were it goes for you.

The only problem i see with the "secret" is that alot of people will not take any action outside of thinking, which is only the first step. Action must follow.

Any law of attraction also flows with the laws of action and reaction.

So, use your thoughts to put into motion positive outcomes. Then get up and put them into action.


I think the author made a lot of money.


My wife is presently reading that book.
She told me yesterday, "You need to think more positively. Maybe you should read the book". I told her, "Okay, I positively will not read that book".

Actually, I'm usually (and sometimes unusually) optimistic. A friend calls me a Pollyanna all the time (whatever that means).