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Alright I am about 3 weeks into a new cycle, here it is:
1000mgs drysus (arimadex included)
600mgs primo
50mgs Oral turinobol daily
Just started adding in 100mgs tren ed.
I have to say to date this cycle is one of the best that I’ve done. Even before the tren I have been getting great strength gains and I am up at 210 and 8% Bf which for me is about as big and lean as I ever get, (at this point I start restricting calories because I like staying in certain weight ranges. Higher then this the fat increase ratio is just too high, and I get too slow.) This is one of the first cycles where my squats and deadlifts aren’t suffering either. Infact I am getting very close to hitting 4 wheels (good form that is) on squats and am over 4 wheels on deads. I am 42 so for me this is fantastic. Anyway I am mainly making a statement here regarding the primo. It is really a very potent anabolic if used at the right dosages and/or combined effectively and the side effects are minimal. I don’t have the “flu feeling” or horrible back pumps nor night sweats or any other discomfort. I wouldn’t hesitate to say to anybody that this is a good cycle for sure.

Do you think that primo would go good in a gramabol.And would a dose of 1000mg over 600mg net better gains.

is this the PrimoMax that youre using?

More is not always better…there is only so much water the glass can hold.

looks good spook. keep us posted. sounds like a cycle i might run in the winter.

I considered using the primo at a higher dosage. I personally think that adding tren will net more gains then adding more primo. The primo is RSOC. Drago- save it dude, you’ll dig it. Most enjoyable cycle I’ve done so far. I am an ex fighter but still train a lot and sometimes compete on an local level just to keep my chops up, and am an instructer. So its critical to me how well my endurance holds up not just my strength. And like I said this is the first time I’ve grown like this without suffering.

sppok, for endyrence , do you run or do polymetrics? How do you balance endurence and mass training?

Somebody likes Red Star products…


For endurance I usually don’t do much anymore. I used to do a lot of running and swimming and of course hours of drills. I used to weigh 175lbs too. I still swim a lot but try to take it easy on my knees and other joints now. I get more then enough cardio activity in my training. I do a lot of boxing etc. and believe that the best way to train for something is by doing it.

excuse the ignorance, but what is dry sustanon?

Its a product made by RSOC. Contains 250mgs test variable esters and arimadex.

use the search engine.

interestimg product spook. how much a-dex is contained? also how do you like the product compared to a typical sust blend?


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.675 per ml… Whats with the stats all of a sudden?

dont worry spook its an inside thing between me and mdog.

isnt that a pretty high dosage of a-dex if used eod???


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