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Biotest Price Update

Now, only through the new <a href="http://tstore.biotestedge.com/index.jsp"target=“new”>T-Mag Store:

Power Drive : $17 instead of $40

ZMA : $9 instead of $25

M : $17 instead of $40

Low Carb Grow! : $23 instead of $48

Classic Grow! : $23 instead of $49

Surge : $21 instead of $50

And coming soon:

RED BANDS: A jet-fueled version of HOT-ROX maxed out with the most potent A7-E formulation known to man, all wrapped up in the brand-new pharmaceutical grade, liquid nano-dispersion delivery system.

ALPHA MALE: A jacked-up blend of TRIBEX and RED KAT using the infamous MAG-10 delivery vehicle.

Suggested retail? $100. Directly through T-mag? $49. More info <a href="http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/308tc.jsp"target=“new”>HERE.

Additional info coming soon. Stay tuned to T-mag!

RED BANDS and ALPHA MALE look soooo promising.

Since you’re doing all this in a direct marketing fashion, can you make canadian customs friendly packaging?

“Mega Testosterone boosters” and “drug like A7-E steroid fat shredders” dont sit well with tight-ass custom officials.

I wouldn’t mind plain packaging as long I could get the stuff!

If someone took red kat, tribex and alpha male, would their test levels be similar to mag 10? Would a 3-way stack like that even be advisable?

Thank you.

Is there any time frame for when Alpha Male and Red Bands is coming out? Sorry if I sound pushy, but I would really like to get both of those products as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Me too, me too! Get those new products to us asap. I am waiting til they come out to order all of my stuff from you guys at once!

I am eager to see the time line on these two as well.

You make 'em. We’ll buy 'em!

—end of Shugart impersonation with southern drawl…lol

Don’t forget Mega Methoxy.

Wow…once again I have been amazed, but I too share the concern about getting the product in good old Canada. Ontario to be specific :slight_smile:

I hope and pray!

It’s really refreshing to see a BB mag/comp. give back to it’s customers like this. I’ve been reading this magazine/on the forum for a few years now and have to say that Biotest fucking rules. $21 for a tub of surge…I love you guys.


Please relsease the new methoxy soon. I’m on PCT, right now and have been reduced to using VPX’s methoxy which tastses as much like a combination of liquid hand soap and dirt as one could possibly imagine.

Yeah, you guys have to be the greatest company ever…by doing this you help out your supporters (us) help you out by buying more!

Could we get a realistic estimate on the new supp.'s coming out? I ask because if it’s soon I’d wait to get Red Bands instead of more Rox.


Any plans on throwing Maca into the mix with the Alpha Male? Just curious, I’ve heard of folks stacking Tribex with Maca with good results.

In addition to what BrentM said, what about vitex as well? Would that work to keep estrogen levels low? And also I’d call it Jacked instead of Alpha Male. Alpha Male sounds like some Trekkies getting together at a lame convention and drinking Pepsi Blue, making some stupid signs with their hands… Beam me to the weight room, human. What do you make of this “Biotest”? It is illogical.

Still need that tribal t.

(Moderator’s note: You may want to check the ingredients on the M label. Just click on the “Store” button on the left side of the page and then click on “M.” You’ll see that M already contains vitex. Hope this helps. The T-mag staff.)

Hey. Thanks but actually I already take M (and Red Kat and Tribex), I was just thinking it could make Jacked, errr, Alpha Male more of an all-in-one hormone stack, plus the nano delivery system would increase the half life of vitex compared to the once a day M dose (I think). I already take too many different supps is the thing, I have high hopes for Alpha Male, might as well make it the end-all-is-all jack-me-up from hell.

All this sounds wonderful Chris! Biotest is the only company who really considers their customers important, that’s why I have stayed with you guys with supplements and training info since day one. Any chance in re-releasing GROW! bars? The lemon and PB were great, hopefully you would release the chocalate and bluberry ones too. I know many of us here at T-NATION would buy them in heartbeat.

Yup, here I am again asking for the Grow bars to be brought back…lol…atleast I did not start it this time…

Thank you Bio-Test for thinking about your customers with this new development

I’ll vote for more grow bars. I used to buy them locally by the box. That’s how I will buy them from you. Hint. Hint.

I keep hearing rave reviews about GROW! bars. I’ve never tried them. So yeah, bring em’ back again so I can give them a try!

Bars are a possibility. I’m going to make a new post about this soon with new info.