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The latest in Personal Terrorists!!!

Okay I mean Personal Trainers and I stole that one off of Mel Siff. Long story short a girl I know said she’s going to be eating right and exercising. So of course I ask her what type of exercise(I already know she hasn’t a clue on how to eat right) she says cardio. I’m thinking okay. I ask “are you going to do any weights?” She says “not yet I want to lose my body fat first and then do weights.”

My body temperature started to rise a kelvin or two. “Ummmmm why?” I said with a raise eyebrow?

“Well if I lift weights now all my fat will turn in to muscle!” (you should only be so lucky!!!)

“WHAT!!!” my voice raised at the stellar stupidity of this comment. “Muscle and fat are two different things. Your muscles won’t turn to fat. etc. etc. etc.”

“But my personal trainer said so blah blah blah.”

“Your personal trainer is an idiot!!!”

That last part felt good!!!

Or an unscrupulous businessman. Can you really be a qualified PT & be that stupid? What a fucktard.

[shakes head from side to side in amazement]…that is utterly terrifying!

Unrelated story, but there is a guy who workouts where I work whom NEVER trains legs. I asked him one day, “why don’t you ever train legs? Why only train half your body?” His response, “it hurts.” I just walked away.

What is a personal trainer’s motivation to get someone to accomplish their goals quickly? They should try for little improvements slowly. If you turn a guy into Arnold in 3 months (far-fetched example), then why the hell is he going to keep coming back to you? He knows what he did to get there.

If you can constantly show clients small improvements over a long period of time, you’ll make more money off of the client. And it really won’t make a lot of difference to the number of clients that you can attract.

This could be what is going on in this example. Why both give a girl muscle and take away fat at the same time, when you can make it two “separate” processes? Instead of 10 weeks of weights and cardio, make her do 8 weeks of cardio, then add in the weights for another 8 weeks. There you go - 60% more revenue.

The trainer could also be an idiot. :slight_smile:

If you turn a couch potato into an Arnold Schwarzenegger, your name will live for all eternity at the gym, everyone will want to train with you, and everyone will know you know something.

Anyhow, working with many of these things myself, I can attest to the utter stupidity of 80-90% of these fucktards. Just plain stupid.

That’s no shock to me…

Like any profession, PT’s are also a mix of good and bad, dumb and bright.

The club I attend is no different.

We have several good trainers who actually “push” people towards free weights and compound lifts, but then we have about 2 of them who completely refuse to touch that area, nor know how to do most compound lifts.

And the massive amounts of cardio with no weights thing is a common mistake, especially among those training certain groups of females.

The head trainer tries to filter out the tards, but due to typical commercial constraints (cant let people go unless you have enough on staff and so on) he really doesn’t boot em all. Especially because there is a market for the tards.
Yes, even though doing things that way is known to be not as good, some people just insist and in business you have to serve them people also unless you can afford to ignore them.