The Lateral Head In Many People Is More Posterior than Directly Lateral (Deltoid)

I’ve seen many individuals including myself whose Lateral head looks like more Posterior than lateral. My shoulders are not fully developed and the above could be one of the main reason. I have long arms + my Deltoid muscle looks more Vertical than horizontal when viewed from the side (I don’t know if I’ve been good at making you understand what I’m referring to)

What should be the main focus in terms of training my Delts and their heath???

How can I optimise my shoulder training if my Lateral head is more Posterior than lateral itself ?

For sure coach @Christian_Thibaudeau has seen these type of individuals.

Without a pic I’d just be guessing.

I will say that for most people who I have seen with lagging delt development, it is almost always lagging posterior delt development.

You don’t mention which exercises you do hoping to target your deltoids. That might be helpful. Also, the shoulders respond very favorably to AAS, more so than most any muscle group. Greatly improved deltoid fulness is the best AAS use indicator, IMO.

Just look at Arnold. I think he also had this “syndrome” until he flex or do front/back double biceps. That’s the same case with me.

Just take a look at Arnold relaxing before each poses. His shoulders always looked little underdeveloped from the lateral and posterior part but when he starts posing his shoulders looked well developed.

What is AAS ???
Can you explain in brief?

IMO, Arnold’s look is due to skeletal structure, and not muscular development. He has what I call sloping shoulders. There is no exercise fix for this, except just more muscle.

AAS: anabolic, androgenic steroids

That’s exactly it. The fact that the medial head of his deltoids show up fine in a back double biceps pose kinda disprove that he lacked “side delts”.

It’s 100% posture.

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Just a tip if you want me. (and. others) to help you:

  1. Help us understand you. No, you weren’t clear about what you meant. And as others have said, a picture would have helped.

  2. If you want training advice, tell us what you are doing.

  3. This is a Q&A “help” forum, I get the feeling (from the constant messages you sent me on instagram too) that you almost want to use this forum so that I’m your personal resource. I LOVE to help people out, but I don’t respond well to people who want everything for free and constantly ask questions, wanting me to solve all their problems, let me ask you this: 1) How many Biotest products (who are graciously offering you this free forum) have you bought? 2) How much of my own products on Thibarmy have you bought? Don’t expect me to be your own personally helper is all you so is ask ask ask … me me me.

Coach the thing is that i watched almost your every videos on YouTube and since then I made you my guru. Here in India we say “Guru” for the one who we place just below the God. I’ve learnt more more from you than I’ve ever learnt from anyone in my 23 years of age. The respect that i have for you is unmatched.i just ask questions that i see in day to day life in the gym. Like today’s case of this medial head topic then I thought I had the same issue so I came to my guru to discuss this topic.

I’m from India and the products will be very hard to buy for a decent price. They’ll be more than double the amount I’ve to pay for.

I’m sorry if I’m taking your minutes from your day. I’m sorry I’m disturbing you.

And coach if you don’t want to answer my questions then I’ll never ask any questions here because as you’re my guru I’ll just be so so happy that I’m obeying you.

Dude, that’s even worse. I don’t want to be anyone’s guru… if you can learn something from me, awesome, but what I encourage is learning from as many people as possible. That’s what I do.

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Appreciated coach.