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The late, great MM2k

A few years ago, I got married and threw out all my old MM2k’s.
I found one a few days ago and reminisced(sp) about the good old days.
It wasn’t a good issue, it was toward the end( after B-f-L.)
It was still better than all the issues since combined(I know that doesn’t make sense.)
I picked up a copy of the newest issue at the store today and just about broke down in tears. What a piece of crap. I was embarassed to be seen in my EAS hat(I really like that hat!) My hands still sting from touching that…that…thing. Who’s this Kennedy guy? He looks to be in great shape, but not big. I thought muscle mags were about muscle. Hence the word muscle in the title. If I were looking for Striated Muscles or Track and Field Media, things would be different. I actually enjoyed Bill Phillip’s No Holds Barred. At least he seemed to
write with passion. Who are all these comtributing writers now? Anthony Ellis??? Isn’t he a skinny guy who wanted Bill to eat his hot dog?:wink: Porter Freeman??? I know when you were born and reborn already. Everyone knows when you were born and reborn!!!
What does MM stand for now? Muscles Missing? Martha(stewart)'s Muscles? Modern Maturity? Well I know one thing that won’t be in MM anymore. My Money!!!

Boy…it really has sort of been the last year or so that “Muscle Media” has become this sort of “tween” publication that just isn’t sure WHO it’s market is. Is it soccer moms? Male Professionals? Gay Men? Fitness? I think that the loyal “Body-For-Life” cult is keeping it going.

With the exception of still having a lot of good recipes for the bodybuilder, I’ve been disappointed lately too…

I’m guessing that you have more muscle than the featured players in the MM magazine. Do you really think that you can learn more from the pro bodybuilding mags than Muscle Media? I don’t get any of them, but respect the Phillips mag more than the friggin gossipy, queer Flex mag.

Not even close. I’d love to be in the shape of the Kennedy guy in MM. Its just that it was the only muscle mag that I used to find interesting and informative. I used to look forward to something a little controversial or motivating. It probably does have useful info still. But, there’s too many articles about “how I changed my life…” I prefer to read articles by “experts.” If you or I were to write an article in T-mag, few would care. We all usually read TC’s articles or the other writers on the staff. I never cared for Flex, Muscle & Fitness. Muscle mag International, I used to like the pics of the girls. Since I found this site, I haven’t really even looked at any of the paper mags anymore.

Don’t you miss Dan Duchaine’s Rants? Damn he was funny.

But when you look at the mag (“Muscle Media”), do any of you guys get the impression that it is a “focus” issue? In other words, trying to find their “niche” or who their audience is?

A recent example was all the negative letters they got for featuring too many ripped guys is short shorts (it even led to the Editor commenting on "getting back to their roots…whatever that was/is). HEY!!!..maybe T.C. is going back!!! (Yeah…right…)