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The Last Minute Halloween Costume Post


so the clocks ticking, I have about 23hours to put together a costume....

Anyone have any good ideas? I was thinking Miss America....

thats as far as my creative mind will stretch. Has to be easy and cheap and not too messy



dress as a fish


Pop leg and arm holes into a clear garbage bag, fill it with balloons, and then tie the top with ribbon or whatever...you're a bag of Jellybeans.


A baseball player is usually a pretty easy last minute costume. All you need is a jersey, a hat, and some eyeblack really.

Since you have a little bit of time you could be the movie wolverine which I did one year. I cut some cardboard into big claws and then wrapped them with aluminum foil. Then I attached them to a cardboard plate which I attached to the back of my hand with ducttape. Then I poked the claws through pantyhose so it kind looked like a glove. Then all you need is jeans, a big belt buckle, a wife beater, and some hair mousse. I got tons of compliments and it took like 2 hrs.


If you're going as a beauty pageant contestant, memorize this speech...


white bed sheet + holes for eyes = ghost


"i firmly believe that US Americans such as therefore, dumptrucks, sourcream, world peace"

OP get some stupid ironic or 80's tshirt, skinny black jeans, give yourself a really bad haircut and go as a hipster
if you get your ass kicked, don't blame me it's just a suggestion


I'm going as a typical Philadelphia fan. Wearing my pants real high, two different shoes, acting like a moron, spilling shit on myself, and writing "Go Phillies" in messed up letters on the front, "Flyers: Choking on dick since '76" on the back.

I'm asking for a fight.


Just don't be like that guy last year who climbed up on the traffic signal and got crowned by an empty bottle of grey goose. So disturbing I quit watching it.........after about 55 viewings


Everyone does that one.And then they act angry because they're all wearing the same thing.


Ugliest 1 piece jump suit you can find (ideally teal with flowers) and a big afro with a headband. Add in some aviators you won't even have to explain what you are.



Haha well if you hear about a kid getting killed on Penn State's campus tomorrow morning, it's me.


Get a piece of paper. Write a giant C and the number 12 to the top left of the C and the number 6 to the bottom left. Now tape it to the front of your shirt. Voila. You're Carbon.


What are the odds of everybody turning up to the same party as a cake icer? Damn, I knew I should've placed that fucking bet...

The table is for the cake, right?