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The Last Boyscout is 20!


One of my all-time favorite movies is 20.

It's just weird because I really don't think this movie feels twenty years old. The same feeling came over me in July when I realized Terminator 2 was twenty.

I dunno, maybe it's because I'm close to 40 but movies just don't seem to age as badly as they did before.
I mean does Fellowship of the Ring or Training Day or Black Hawk Down feel 10 years old? Do they look that much different from something made today?

Then compare a movie from 1991 and 1981. Now THAT will look different!

So anyway, here's to The Last Boyscout!


Sorry, just realized after 20 years that Boy Scout is two words.


Sorry it's not in English.


Listen for the great "Friday Night's a Great Night for Football!"


The best part of that movie is the "hit me again and I'll kill ya" scene. This movie was basically Die Hard 2.5 since Joe Hallenbeck was just John McClane with a different name. It also wasn't nearly as convoluted as the Die Hard sequels, and I appreciate simplicity with action movies.

The style and focus of movie-making has changed so much in the past 30 years. I think the big turning point was Terminator 2, when CGI really got into the game. Computer animation has obviously advanced a great deal since then, but the contrast between pre-CG and post-CG is much more dramatic.


naw, the best part of the movie is when he dances the jig at the end.

Or, the question "head or gut?" I still use this line.

i agree - one of my most favorite movies.


I agree. The funny thing is Die Hard 4 felt more like Last Boy Scout 2 with the way Bruce Willis acted.


I don't know if I stole this link from this site or from another source 2 days ago.



^^^ Indeed!
I think kids these days would pronounce "rewind" wrong if they had to even say it. They'd likely say it to re-ventilate something.


Yeah, love this movie too - it's due a re-watch.


"Buy a dog"


Damn you guys disappoint me, I know the picture is small but the best part in the movie

Halle Berry in a fucking THONG


damn, I forgot about her, she must've been a teenager in that movie!


I shit you not, flicking through the channels lastnight I saw this movie in the guide and decided my stomach couldn't handle the nineties wardrobe lol, holy pastel.


:confused: No Edgy she was in her 20's and perfect. Her and Salma are Goddess's sent to Earth to have statues made of and boys to masturbate to.


you'll get no argument from me on this tidbit.


^Especially the boy part.


^ secretly hates wimmenz and masturbates to beastiality vids.


Seriously?? This crap???

Now if you want a great Bruce Willis movie you should check out Last Man Standing. Much better.

Cmon dude - Last Boy Scout deserves the Sandusky Shower award!!


One of my all-time favorites.