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The Last Block


I have about 6 wks left until crossfit competition..just wondering what your competitors last block structure will look like.CONDITIONING specifically..before the big competition... Thanks


[quote]shatz8689 wrote:
I have about 6 wks left until crossfit competition…just wondering what your competitors last block structure will look like.CONDITIONING specifically…before the big competition… Thanks[/quote]

It really depends on the athlete’s strength and weaknesses as well as how recovered they are. For example I have two athletes preparing for the Games and while the strength progression is planned for those 6 weeks, the conditioning/WOD work is adjusted on a weekly basis. Ideally I want them to be REALLY tired after 3 weeks, then deload on the 4th week, train hard metabolically with less strength work on the 5th week and the 6th week is a peaking week which is actually planned on a daily basis depending on various preparedness markers (morning heart rate, perceived fatique level, etc.).

That’s the thing with Crossfit; you can’t use the same peaking plan with everybody because there are so many things you need to work on. Some athletes will need to work hard on a skill or lift right up to the competition while some lifts/skills do not even have to be trained at all. Furthermore since there are so many things to work on, sometimes we have to make a “strategic guess” as to what the events will be an invest more time training those. With Regionals its easier since the WODs are known in advance, in which case I want my athletes to practice them twice each during the last 2 weeks of the prep. But with the Games we do not know in advance what the WODs will look like so it’s more of a judgment call.

If there is one advice I can give you is “do not come into the competition burned-out”. A lot of Crossfit athletes do too much the last 2-3 weeks and they come in the competition at about 80% of their capacities, sometimes less.

This happens because Crossfit athletes (all athletes really) are excessive and highly motivated and want to do too much. But in Crossfit unlike other sports, you do not know for what you are preparing. That insecurity drives people to do even more, to be prepared for everything. It’s fine and well to be prepared for everything, if you come in tired because of that you will be suboptimal in everything. So the key is to use those last 3 weeks to be in top shape while still keeping your skills sharp.


thanks…that makes it a lot clear on what i need to focus on the next few wks…I have been that athlete in the past that does not allow my body to recharge before the big event…great reminder