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The last and ultimate cycle

Hello Guys
I am quiting steroids, i promised myself and to my wife. We both agreed that i should do a last cycle with my remaining stuff. What i want for you guys it’s the best cycle i can do with the remaining stuff, nothing more. The waste i will donate to my junky friends.
So here is the list:
3 grams of Deca
2,1 grams of equipoise
1,75 grams of winstrol
12xHCG 5.000iu
0,80 grams of winstroll pills
140 pills of proviron 50mgs
2 grams of nolvadex
2,30 grams of dianabol
1,5 gram of clomid
I would apreciate all advices considering a safe cycle, don’t want to ruine myself on the last cycle.
Thanks guys

Camon guys

I would take it all, but don’t forget to add test…

Get some test, GH, and slin or change the title. I’d look at it this way, the “pro stack” of various class 1’s and 2’s + growth+slin+the amount of training experiance I assume you have (?) would give you the most dramatic / permanent gains possible. Maybe some Igf-1 too. I know you probably won’t agree but hey, you asked. BTW AT LEAST ADD TEST. YOU LIKE TEST DON’T YOU?


I love test, just didn’t want to spend anymore money but you are problably right, without test nothing makes to much sense


add some test. drop the deca. run a test/dbol/eq/winny cycle. oh, and i am not believing the last cycle ever thing. its too addictive to stay off forever!

I am quitting because normaly it takes me to much time to recover,and my wife wants a child. Maybe i will come back later after the born of my first son, but i will stop at least 3 years. But i am still young (27 years old)

Stop cold turkey without the “break up sex” and send me all the goodies.

oh, yeah. I forgot to add that I couldnt put anything intelligent together with your current stockpile. Try one of them “all nolva” cycles I have recently been reading about. :slight_smile:

You could run a 16 weeker and run both eq+ deca then drop the deca around week 6 or 8. I don’t think it’d make much of a difference. Just an idea since I have heard of people using both eq+deca at the same time. However I still like my original idea.

Thumper I didn’t realize that you changed over to the darkside.

I havent yet, Merlin.
Some free gear might get the ball rollin’. haha

eh, it was worth a shot.

Hell, if it’s your ‘last’ cycle like you say it is, just throw all the injectables into a big brew, a blend and take 2-3mL a day until it’s gone, take 10-20mg of nolvadex a day and take some of the clomid and proviron once your balls are the size of raisins and/or you can’t get your dick up anymore… OR

You could just send it all to me and let me be the walking science project… I’d be honored…

That’s a lot of proviron, I know someone (evil laugh) who needs some of that…