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The Last 15 Pounds

I have recently gone from a 40 inch waist to a 34 inch waist (206 to 190lbs) in a month. A lot of water and fat. I am currently standing at 21 - 22% bf. I do military PT in the morning, and run at least two miles at night and do weights push ups sit ups. I am using a multi vitamin, fish oil, and HOT-ROX Extreme.

Almost all of my weight is on my belly. As I said above I need to loose about 10 or more percent of BF. Id love to see my abs, which I have never done, I was always the lil fat kid…

Thanks for the help.

Need to see your diet

If your weight is really all on your belly, you might want to consider sprints. Sounds like you are a candidate for a lower carb diet.

Veggies, some fruit, animal protein and healthy fats are your friend.

The belly fat is an indication of cortisol. You need to reduce the stress in your life as much as possible and really watch carb intake from sugar and high GI starch sources.

Please post your diet, the more detail the better. And as much as it sounds like heresy, you might want to save up your HOT-ROX for later till you get down to around 10%. Consider REZ-V and Carbolin 19 or Alpha Male. These should help with getting your system in balance.

Off the top of my head, I would say shoot for at least 5 times 40g of protein spread out as evenly as possible. That means as soon as you awake, then every four hours after, including 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive before bed.

Get at least 100g of fat a day split up to 30g saturated, 30g polyunsaturated, and 40g monounsaturated. The POLY should be at least 10g of omega3, 15 would be better. This is 20 1g 30% fish oil caps or 8 Flameout plus 30g of flaxseeds (get milled, the whole ones aren’t digested).

Veggies, at least 600g, 800g is better.
Fruit, at least 300g. Limit based on other carb intake.

Other carbs, stick to stuff like steel-cut oats and quinoa for your post-workout meals.

Consider a single serving of Surge post-workout, and BCAA supplementation during and after. Creatine at 5-10g per day will help with keeping energy levels up as will green tea.

You lost 6 inches in a month? and only lost 16 lbs in that time?

What’s your height? How much inches you lost from your belly button?

Thanks for all the replies…to answer the question of how much have I lost off my belly, when I stared I was a litle bit over a size 40 in jeans…I can now fit comfortably in a 34. I am currently 5’9/191lbs.

My diet ( as unexact as this is) is I eat a single serving of Oatmeal for breakfast along with a cup of yoguart and crystal light. Lunch is usualy a serving of meat, and a low GI Carb. Dinner is usually meat and another low gi carb. I drink about 1/2 gallon to a gallon of water a day.

I also have a fitday account. My user name is pesteyawa if that helps.

Define 1 serving oatmeal, in grams preferably. What type?

What type of yogurt? What fat content? What carb content (hell list the label if you want)?

There can be many variations here, although I suspect you are already onto the better sources.

The 3 meal a day plan needs to be knocked up to at least 5. Caloric intake in the 2500-3000kcal range will result in fat loss if you workout without muscle loss. The data you provided is either limited for making suggestions or if relatively accurate, you need some major changes to keep success going.

Knowing your username does not help without a password, but I don’t think posting that is a good idea. If you want a good answer we need data! Right now it appears you are on a starvation diet.

There is a lack of vegetables and fruit as well as no indication of healthy fat (other than the fish oil mentioned in the first post).

here is an example of what we mean by posting your diet:

7.5g BCAA, 600mg resveratrol, 135g navel orange
65g steel-cut oats, 0.6 servings Metabolic Drive Complete, 15g flax, 10g cocoa, 0.5 Tbsp Splenda, 2 fish, 1 CLA, 1 borage
1 cup white tea, 2.5g creatine, 2.4g beta alanine
4 large free-run eggs, 130g parsnips, 40g cherry tomates, 50g spinach, 20g mixed bell peppers, 10g red onion, 15mL EVOO, pepper, cayanne, basil, 2 fish, 1 CLA, 1 borage
1 grande starbucks Ubora, 1 small vanilla scone (20g sugar/wheat)
1 tin skipjack tuna, 50g brown rice, 15mL EVOO, 200g pe-tsai, 50g mixed bell peppers, 30g red onion, 100g cucumber 5g garlic, pepper, cumin, sage, basil, cayanne, paprika, 2 fish, 1 CLA, 1 borage
1 cup green tea, 2.5g creatine, 2.4g beta alanine
180g lean ground beef, 50g quinoa, 130g parsnips, 40g cherry tomates, 50g spinach, 20g mixed bell peppers, 10g red onion, 15mL EVOO, pepper, cayanne, basil, 3 fish, 1 CLA, 1 borage
1 cup green tea, 2.5g creatine, 2.4g beta alanine
200g yogurt (3.9%), 0.50 servings Metabolic Drive Complete, 1 scoop Superfood, 115g apple, 3 fish, 1 CLA, 1 borage

fish=1000mg 30% fish oil
CLA=740mg of two active isomers
borage=240mg per cap GLA
EVOO=extra virgin olive oil

In addition to all this great diet help you are getting, once you have ironed out the diet you might check out Shugart’s new article. If you aren’t doing all of his “missions” I would try them out, it could be a great help to you.

Total: 1881
Fat: 63 569 31%
Sat: 33 301 16%
Poly: 7 63 3%
Mono: 19 169 9%
Carbs: 228 815 44%
Fiber: 24 0 0%
Protein: 92 370 20%
Alcohol: 13 92 5%

Is what fitday broke my calories down to.

The oatmeal that I eat is the plain Quaker oats single serving. 1/2 Cup oats. Yogurt is the regular light dannon fruit yogurt. Also I run a crazy schedule are there any tips that I can use to help keep my calories up? I put on fat real easy. My goal is the American dream…lower body fat, build muscle and build endurance. Doing the job I do it would be a huge help!

Here is my diet :
Morning Workout: Military PT
Breakfast: 1/2 Cup Plain Quaker Oats
1 glass Water
Toast w/ all natural peanut butter
Dannon Fruit Yogurt

Snack: Cheese Stick (Colby and White cheddar, 1oz)
One banana

Lunch: Chicken Breast (palm size portion)
One Cup of Yams
Glass of Crystal Light

Snack: Cheese Stick and Banana

Dinner: Chicken or beef, cup of yam , and cup of broccoli.

Supplements: Fish oil, HOT-ROX, Multi-Vit

Above is what the Caloric break down was yesterday. Please let me know if you need anymore info.