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The Labors of Hilo

The Labors of Hilo,
as told by Hilo of Growton.

January 2nd saw a rejuvenated spirit in Hilo of Growton. After a long hiatus living a life of modest luxury, Milo had grown dissatisfied with his mortal form. At 6’4 260lb Milo was formidable, but a sloth compared to his ghost of past. Now with cash in hand, Milo selects a gym one mile from his domicile and begins to train.

Labor 1: The Finnish Lion
Objective: Compete in first 10k footrace. Improve SQ, BP, DL, PullUps.

Hilo, well prepared for a mild famine, was not prepared for a heart healthy lifestyle. At week IX into the the training the weight has now reached 254lb and for what its worth the hand held body fat estimating black box come up with ~18% body fat, which in Hilo’s estimation is lower than reality.

In the first month Hilo was focusing on setting the proper foundation for building muscle. Hilo reintroduced compound barbell movements with meticulous attention to perfect technique. Muscle memory was the goal, reps and sets didn’t matter. With the gym time sometimes hitting 6 days a week, jogging was introduced. One particularly spunky Monday morning Hilo pressed the 5k button on a treadmill and set the speed to 4.5 and jogged until the machine stopped +46’ minuets later.

Hilo’s body demanded sustenance. After an odyssey trudging through schools of dieting Milo had found something that seemed to work and save money. Beans and rice were cooked in bulk once weekly, and supplemented most meals. Adding sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, garlic and the zucchini zoodle Milo was eating till he was full. He also was known to crush chocolate milk or pan sear steak w/ rosemary if his macros allowed, and he was working to learn to debone a chicken in under three minuets, Jacque Pepin can do it in under one minute. Fruit and eggs or yogurt was eaten mostly in the morning, and sometimes oats.

Rounding into the second month Hilo shifted his goals on shedding fat while still growing stronger on his noob gains. Previous diets had Milo down to 1600kcal/day, this time he was focusing on being around 2000kcal as a base, allowing more as his Polar Beat chest heart rate monitor dictated. This slighter deficit made maintaining the cut consistently a lot easier. Instead of shooting for +245 gram protein every day he listened to the cravings in his gut, which were now craving health foods instead of industrialized junk. His workouts shifted more to a SS/5x5 inspired routine where Hilo was lifting heavier weight for less reps.

As a wrestler Hilo viewed running as a form of punishment. He did not need to run, if an altercation were to arise it was certainly the foe who’s best interest it was to turn tail and flee. Now he eyed the footrace in a different light. Hilo would use running in a fasted state, except for lean protiens or BCAAs, as a means to make himself a leaner more efficient human. He would also run after fueling his body to improve his cardio efficiency and not as a means of fat burn.

Week IX should consist of: Tue modified SS/5x5, Wed jog, Thr modified SS/5x5, Fri baseline time for mile run, Sat modified SS/5x5

Hilo of Growton

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In. Solely due to writing style ha


Welcome to the logs Hilo :slight_smile:
Great read, much amused.
I hope that Milo will fulfill the goal of his quest.

Good log man, so much in for this.

In for ur log


Tragedy. Hilo of Growton went to train to finding a bench already in the rack. After benching, Hilo placed the bar w/ a plate on each end on the safety bars and set the J-hooks to squatting height. Hilo decided to sorta half power clean the thigh-high weight to the squat height hooks, without any momentum generated during the initial explosion of a power clean. Also, Hilo hadn’t power cleaned since HS. The resulting effect was felt 4 am the next morning and resulted in many days of rehab.

Stretching has now been incorporated into the training routine in the form of early mornings with Wai Lana, or after a brutal workout. Not doing dumb things should also be reinforced and encouraged.

Less intense training resulted in fewer kcals consumed resulting in a lower daily allotment; aka less food. Despite this setback, Hilo was able to get his weight down to 249lbs and maintain his cut. This success in part to trading Pilsner for Pellegrino.

The first day back in the gym Hilo felt slightly weaker than week IX, and with much less stamina. He focused BP and lats, as well as on core strengthening exercises utilizing the Roman Chair, and hit the legs w/ machines to avoid taxing the back w/ SQs.


Hilo hit a personal best since reignition for BP. 2 beautiful plates on each side of a wonderful shiny bar, repping out a set of 5. Pyramid up from 135 + 50 + 20 then down from 225 w/ hi rep burnouts, mmm feels good. 100lbs from all-time best @ 325.

Nutrition is on point. Raising base kcals from 2k now to anywhere between 2k and 2400, still adding in kcal burnt. Hilo’s protein averaged about 160g a day; he felt that maybe this could be increased.

Hilo had not run since the tragedy in week X. He hit the 5k button, set the speed and away he went. This run felt surprisingly good, and not as demanding as the first. Hilo felt indomitable. Channeling David Goggins, in Hilo’s mind sparked a dark Growton, who would never quit, never uncover the jacket or towel guarding the speed button and hiding the timer. Dark Growton who feed on enduring more than a presence could impose. In this instance, dark Growton was feeding on a spittling despise and disgust for the treadmill that carried Hilo. Maybe it was the fat loss reducing the effort he thought, or the mental callus developing as the mind grew tougher through grinding workouts, or the stronger muscles now more efficient than before. All possible contributors but no, it was not until the time of this transcription that Hilo saw in the first entry the speed of the treadmill. Was 4.5, this time is 4.0… But it was too late, dark Growton was manifest, and regardless Hilo felt great!

Now more limber and ever stronger, boosted by a rise in rations, Hilo prepared to set out on a voyage. He was to sail to his native land, in a trip that would culminate with a feast and celebration. Hilo wondered if he would be able to adapt his routine to life in this campaign back East.

Hilo of Growton



The gymnasium Hilo had joined had affiliates in the city where he could train while on his campaign. It was out of the way, but 7 fold the square foot and had what he needed. Though not the normal routine Hilo did what mankind has done from the beginning, adapt and overcome.

The sessions were less intense due to his fatigue from long days laboring. Despite this, he still hit the weights to minimize any muscle loss while on his cut. The cut itself was going well. Hilo was down to 246.5 if the scale was to be trusted, a rate of approximately -10lbs/month. He had flabs ™ that could now be seen in the right lighting. These 4 uppermost abs buried under subcutaneous fat began to expose their form like spring mountains under melting snow.

Hilo of Growton

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Hilo caught the flu near the end of the voyage, and had bested it in 2.5 days. Hilo waged war on the flu and provided his body with all it needed for total domination. Especially due to the virulence of this year’s influenza Hilo will not be going to the gymnasium this week, as he is not a jerk and does not want to turn you into a vector. Be like Hilo, if your sick stay home. Do not jeopardize members of families that may live with susceptible souls.

Trip was good all things considered, weight is down to 245.5. Aprox 11 more weeks planned on the cut then will lvl out for a few weeks to allow homeostasis at the lower body weight to normalize.

All workouts on the trip were subpar, was looking fwd to hitting weights again. Will be using home gym: Olympic Rings hanging from a tree, with a 2nd tier of grips hanging 4 ft below from rings (think pullups and dips), a 50lb kettle bell, and the ground. Cardio will be replaced with flexibility and coordination work until lungs are fully decongested. May try a light to moderate bodyweight boot camp / HIIT if feeling clear by end of the week.

Hilo of Growton


Hilo has reached 235 from 265. About 10 lb a month. Plant based, no oil diet with lots of beans, and no tofu or tempe. Low carb when possible. Hilo still ests steak or chicken 2x week, best quality he can afford prefer local. Diet success in part to waves of between hardcore diet (>1600) to at or slightly below maint (2600).

Broke into the 220’s for the first time in years, 228 this AM. So sick of cutting but soon can start the fun stuff bulking. Will try to settle on 225 for the next three weeks to stabilize then time to grow!


Well done Hilo :slight_smile:

A sound advice is to stay at your desired weight for a long time, like for maybe 6 to 12 months. Before trying to bulk.

The body remembers the old days, and want to be there badly. So be cautious Hilo the great.
You’ve really done well

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@hilo_of_growton What happened to Hilo did he finish is journey?

Hey @mortdk , Hilo dropped to 220 lbs. Hilo started boxing and xtraining >3 times a week, would hike a 6 mile 2,500’ elevation gain hike on the weekend early in the AM, and ran a Half Marathon in under 3 hours, not bad for a Clydesdale (~35 miles a month training.)

You were right to cut down then stay down for a bit to climatize.

Hilo has started to ‘bulk’ again, if bulking means trying to get swole arms. At 6’4 the longer arms could use attention and Hilo hit the gym again to give them their dues. Of course there are the legs, bench, and rows… but those are being sprinkled around a vain but intense arm focused work out.

The program is 30-Day Arms with Abel Albonetti, and Hilo will mix it in w/ the boxing and hiking. He will do the heavy compound moves to get the muscle building chemicals released into the blood stream, and then just hit the guns for about 45 min after the bases are covered. Always have been functional strength focused, but hey lets get some Hypertrophy in those guns ammiright?!

Kris Gethin’s calculator came up w/ these numbers:

Protein = 248g
Carbs = 414g
Fats = 74g

Protein = 331g
Carbs = 248g
Fats = 110g

331g of protein seems high, going to focus on not dropping below the 248g for a couple weeks and see what happens.

Don’t plan on counting carbs but need to ‘carbo-load’ before my workouts for fuel.

Will probably do the guns for a month then fall into a more balanced routine. Forgot how fun skull crushers were.

When Hilo gets up to 230 again he will probably look to cut back down.

Side note, does BodyBuilding.com’s app totally suck now or is it just me? Going to pay for 1 month through this 30-day program to keep it as simple stupid as possible… but it sucks. The old app let me build my own workouts and track them way easier, this new app is like a paid for advertisement.

What apps do you all use to keep track of your workouts/sets/reps?

Sample Week:

Monday| Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday

Boxing | 30-Day Bi&Tri | Boxing | Track Day | 30-Day Bi / Boxing | 30-Day Tri | Hike
** 30-Day program supplemented w/ lifts to incorporate full body via heavy compound movements.

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Hey Hilo
Happy to see you back here with an update.
Even better that you’ve stayed consistent and met your goal.
Great to run a ½ marathon in under 3 hours, quality man.

Stay focused Hilo, keep your body moving in some way for the rest of your life man.
Arms can never be trained enough :slight_smile: and compound movements should be a stable as well.
Looks like a tough split 7 days a week.

As far as app’s I’ve only ever used Jefit and that suits me well.

Oh and check in every now and then with an update.

Mortdk - Jefit seems legit, thanks. Working on building out my routine. Tested it out yesterday and I liked it.

Yesterday after boxing did a circuit of Clean and Press, Squats, Close Pushups, 20lb Ball Slams, Renegade Rows and a couple other things. Feeling it in shoulders and upper back.

Todays workout using Jefit was good. Sad that my numbers are all down, especially bench, but hit 16.3% body fat according to the hand held tester which isn’t terrible.

Is it possible to track drop sets? I did drop sets till failure the last set of each exercise but did not log it. Also just now noticing I did not do 85 reps on bench.

Leg day, hour of squats and dead lifts. Light weight focus on form. Dead lifts from rack. Ribs and Pork Butt supplementation.

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit


Hilo went from a 219 to 232. Also has gained power, stronger so quickly as the sets wore on he didn’t fatigue but got stronger.

The weight is mostly water, held with the extra food eating. Boxing Cardio in afternoon, will get fresh weight in AM. ~10lb bloat

Today 11: Lift , PM boxing

Hit biceps back and ended with deadlift to release the grow. Last time listed as Rack Pulls, this time true deadlifts.

Warm up tossing handball/racquetBall between R and L hands.

Curls drop sets with Tbar Rows superset

230.5 as of this AM. Rest day. Moderating intake slightly. Going for 7 mile run this afternoon, will compare time from previous time. Boxing felt stronger and did not fatigue until exactly at the end of the round. Hopefully that means Cardio is still good and with higher torque. Back sore from deadlifts, kinda looking forward to feeling it on the run. Legs very good considering the squat and deadlift but went relatively light. Shirts tighter in arms, less from muscle gain than to bloating/swelling.

Run Consumables:
1 litter water : Isopure 20g P tropical punch whey && BCAA
Caffine 50mg JellyBelly
GU - Ice Cream Cake + 1@start

Feasting/DOMS mode over. eating plenty before and after gym. regularly throughout the day.

Focus on gain in strength & gain in run as measurements more than weight, dont eat crap.

6.5 miles felt good. Mile 5 tempo. Found new water fountain aside the trail.

boxing for hour after that.

Tomorrow yoga then hot tub.

Hilo weighed in this morning at 230.5 lbs. expected lower weight from two good cardio workouts yesterday.

Wai Lana Beginners Workout

40min 2013 [NR]

Recovery must have.

Bench felt good. one set 5 reps at 185 in there, then a lot of drop sets. Goal to rep out 225 again.

Best new exercise was sitting down and kettle bell alternating press, isolates shoulder and arm and eases pressure on spinal disks.

Tomorrow biceps and dead lifts.