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The Kurds: WHY???

'Cause they rhyme with “Turds”.

[quote]pat36 wrote:
'Cause they rhyme with “Turds”.[/quote]

Turks aren’t so far either. Just switch the K for a D.

Kurds? No whey!

[quote]lixy wrote:
First of all, an independent Kurdistan will never happen. It’s not only a long shot, it’s downright impossible.


I totally agree.
The Kurds basically want to take a bit of Turkey, a bit of Iraq and a bit of Iran and form a Kurdish state.

I can’t see that happening.
HELL OF A long shot.

[quote]pat36 wrote:
It’s 'cause of the Jews…[/quote]


Kurdish soldiers trained by Israelis

Report: Former IDF commandos secretly trained Kurdish soldiers

Israel reassures Turkey over Kurds
Turkey’s recent threats to invade Kurdish areas of northern Iraq in retaliation for rebel attacks on its border troops have thrown a spotlight on Israeli ties to the Kurds.

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