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The Knife Thread II


Year or so ago we had one, figured I'd see what everyone's carrying now.

I've been sticking with the Gerber LST II for a couple years. It's the finest knife I've ever owned- has taken a beating for years and there's not a spot of rust on it and the blade is as tight as the day I bought it. Anyone else?



There's a good link describing the knife I carry. Columbia River makes great knives. I'm a gerber fan as well, mostly because all of their knives are about as sharp as they can get when they come out of the box not to mention they hold a good edge. I've owned my knife for 4 years and I've roughed around with it a good bit. Camping tasks mostly. And there is only a fraction of a wiggle in the blade. It's tough for sure.




Have to look at the ones made in the USA though. The ones made overseas are severely lacking in quality.


Spyderco Para-Military Black....expensive as shit,but I did get a good deal on mine. Most durable knife I've ever owned.


I guess a picture would help.


This is all I'm carrying nowadays. Was carrying a great Kershaw "Blur" but I needed more of a multi-tool for work. I'd put my name behind the Blur any day though, it's a great knife that can tolerate a lot of abuse.

The blade on the Gerber Suspension is plenty sharp though, cut my hand deep enough inbetween my thumb and forefinger to sever a nerve, now the inside half of my thumb is numb, haha.




I prefer the ka-bar, kukri machete. 11 1/2" blade, 17" overall.

good for choppin' vines, fire wood, and necks.


Microtech Troodon


I have both the Emerson cqc-10 and 15...sorry no pic, but great knives, I like the 15 way better than the 10 though.


That's cool looking. switchblade?


kershaw BLACKOUT ken onion design, assisted opening

had it for years, love it!!


How much did that cost you?

I hear great things about Kershaw.



Fuckin awesome knife. For some reason or another I'm dieing to use the window punch.


I have a small collection that I draw from and suit what I carry to what I am doing. Right now my typical favorites are my Benchmade automatic or my little Gerber.


Automatic. When looking at carry options, there's three basic options: fixed blade, manual folder and automatic. Of the three, fixed blade is most reliable. But I couldn't find one that was low profile. As between manual and automatic, one handed deployment of a folder isn't as quick or reliable under stress, so automatic seemed to be the better choice.


I carry a benchmade CQC7. It's a copy of the Emerson. Tanto point. Very thick. I have one of those benchmade automatic knives also. Great knives, just can't carry it day to day in the civilian world.


I know most if not all guys here are advocates of high dollar big name knifes, but I'll put in a word for the budget minded guys. For the past three or four hunting seasons I've used Winchester hunting knives purchased for under twenty dollars each. I've done or helped gut, quarter, skin, and butcher, at least four elk, five deer, and two antelope.

These knives have never failed me in these tasks, they keep a blade after making multiple cuts through hide and flesh and require minimal re-sharpening during these tasks. Seems the advances that have been made in production have even helped lower end priced knives with their quality.

Here's one:


Here's another: