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The King's Speech


So I did see The King's Speech and thought it was good, but not THAT good. What do you think? Did it deserve best picture?


It opens here on Friday and I'll go see it, but am remaining cautious about thinking it's "The Best Movie of the Year".


I didn't see it but I thought it was great and deserved best picture. But I didn't see inception either so I was kind of hoping that one would squeak in there.


^^ huh?


I didn't read your post, but thought it was great!


x2 wouldn't read again.


My mrs has seen it and apparently it is really good. Pretty much 2 hours of talking between 2 men...


Winters Bone was the best movie of the year imo.
And Jennifer Lawrence was way better than Natalie Portman, who put on a good performance but nothing spectacular.


the thing is it ticked ALL the boxes for the commitees who vote on these things (watch MovieBob on the Escapist.com), and yes, it was a great movie. i just wished TRON got a mention at these things, even for best soundtrack


Definite no for soundtrack, Daft Punk has done better. Visual effects for sure. Everything else a big fat NO!!! That movie would have been amazing if it was pg-13 R.


I thought it was good but that social network deserved the win.


Social Network was surprisingly good.


"Crash" sucked but that still won some stuff. The King's Speech sounds like a good story, but I don't know if I could watch a movie like that when "Never Say Never 3D" is an option.

  1. Crash didn't suck. Some of Terrence Howards' best work on screen before he got too big for his britches.

  2. Hurt Locker was, in my opinion, the best movie from last years crop.

Sometimes the Academy gets it right. I'm curious to see how many British scripts are getting shopped, optioned, bought and produced on the wake of TKS winning damn near everything.

The real bummer is that True Grit got no love. Was it because it was a remake? Was it because the Cohen bro's have won so much in the past? Same goes for J. Bardem. That dude rules, but did he not get further consideration because he got a trophy two years ago?

Sorry to hyjack, I'm anxious to see TKS now that it won, and I suppose that proves just how shallow and woolen I am when it comes to watching movies. haha


Social Network was like the fucking Gilmore girls. A socially awkward kid (Zuckerman) is not Mr. Witty Banter. I saw an advanced screening and thought it would do ok, but didn't expect Oscar buzz at all. And Crash did suck, the dumbest race movie I've ever seen. I think Capote should have won that year tbh.


Hard to say. True Grit isn't technically a remake as both versions are based off a novel, but the John Wayne version picked up Oscars in spite of being a loose adaptation of the book. The Academy aren't generally the best judges of movies -some members have 'fessed up to voting for films they haven't seen. A lot of them are coffin dodgers who voted for the first version, so there may well be truth in that.

Yeah, the Cohens, Javier Bardem, Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges have all been honored in various categories in the past. I don't think it comes down exclusively to who is the most deserving winner in a given year... and it should, really. Geoffrey Rush came away empty-handed...but then he already earned a baldie for Shine.


Unfair comment. It was their first stab at scoring a movie, which is a complete departure from writing a conventional album. Totally different set of rules. Very few composers could have accomplished what they did. The music is completely in keeping with what was established in the original movie.

Derezzed alone is underrated for the simple fact that it has a retro feel but is played on modern synthesizers. The intro wouldn't have been out of place in the original, and builds to a point where it becomes contemporary:

Shit, the soundtrack should've been nominated for the inclusion of Journey's Separate Ways in the arcade scene alone. Not only do the lyrics fit with the plot of the movie and sum up the emotional journey (pun intended) of Flynn jr's search for his dad and the nature of their reconciliation, but Journey were themselves the subject of a series of arcade games.


I'm curious to know what you think a good race movie is?

Crash made the topic both visible and pallatable in my mind.

Capote was a great movie too, PSH got his gold from it, that dude is a master.


Going by his previous attempts to one-up me on movie criticism without reading my posts properly, I'd say his fave race movie is Days of Thunder


You realize the reason that Social Network was so popular was because of how engrossing the movie is. From the music, directing, dark lighting, interesting characters etc the movie brings you into the world of Zuckerberg, Winklevoss twins.

You're crazy if you dont think the movie isn't engrossing.