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The King of Exercises


what do you think is the KING of exercises. one that you can't live without. one that you'd recommend everyone to do?

(1. can pick only ONE
(2. can be anything from dumbbell lateral raises to hs bench to power clean
(3. why is that your choice?


sumo deadlift

reason: works legs, posterior chain, the entire back, traps, shoulder complex and nearly everything else with heavy loads. the only thing it doesn't work is chest, triceps and biceps.

what's ure choice? discuss below.


12 oz curl! No really - I'm very good at them. I coulda gone pro except I blew out my rotator cuff on one of those large 20 oz cans. Went too big, too soon.

Deads are a close second.


Never understood the point of threads like this, honestly.

One would think I'd pick some olympic lift to hit "everything", but really, none of those combination lifts do enough for the muscle-groups involved (by themselves) to allow me to achieve any of my goals.

And regular compound lifts aren't doing any better...

Modified Sumo DL (Coan style) I guess, because it hits my hams fairly well, which are a weak point... It's ok-ish for traps and lower back, hits quads a little... That and my ego is all it's good for. The more spread out the work is the more weight I can use, but the less I get out of it in terms of size it seems... On the other hand, the more focused the work is on one muscle-group or two, the less the lift does for anything else, so it doesn't work for the "king of lifts" thing either.

I can't think of a reason to pick one lift over all others, or even of a lift half-way deserving to be crowned "king of exercises", at least not from a bodybuilding perspective.






i agree fully, no lift can hit everything.
but i always hear people say squat is the king, just wanted to see what people actually think is the king.


Most of those saying that/writing that in articles come with the whole "it trains everything" and "it increases your hormone levels" etc reasoning though... Neither of which work out the way people claim they do/want them to...

Now if we're talking about which lift we simply like the most, that's a different thing of course.


Nah brah, it's all about the behind-the-back barbell wrist curls.


Jumping jacks.


No beginner's program should be without these


back sqaut . im 175 and can only sqaut 220 for 5 . but after doin sqauts makes me feel about 20
years younger ( im 43)


What do you think is the KING of supplements? The one that you can't live without. The one that you'd recommend everyone to do?

1) You can pick only ONE
2) Must choose between Oxygen, Water, and Food
3) Why is that your choice?

Plus, since you're going to be dead in a week or so regardless of which one you pick, what do you want written on your tombstone, brah?

I agree with C_C on this one; what is the point of this question, and how does any answer help you achieve your training goals? Nobody is going to do just one exercise, so the question as posed doesn't make any sense. Even the Squat Rack Curlers of the world do bench press and triceps kickbacks as well.


Since no one lift can hypertrophy the whole body the way bodybuilders would like to, ill just chose a lift for a large muscle group that I like to train and say T-bar rows.


SGDLs or Trap Bar Deadlifts...
with a close third: Hise Shrugs for many


^^^^Trap bar deads with no close second.



This shit is stupid.

Calling it mental masturbation is being kind.




Hey CC just wondering how you pull sumo?I mostly pull conv but the odd few times I pulled sumo it was heels just wider than rings with toes pointed out towards the plates.


1) okay then
2) curls
3) girls

ps: this thread is dumb


During 2006 and 2007 I was so busy working I could hardly train with weights at all.

The only type of weight training I did was Kettle bell swings and Kettle bell press's, these two exercises are IMHO the best 'bang for your buck' exercises you can do.

they work the CV system, the entire posterior chain and the pressing muscles.