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The King Kong Model Tells All


I thought this was interesting.



He must poo a lot.


shows the importance of eating..good good


I need to get some drugs man... If engineering doesn't pan out, maybe I can get on board for King Kong 2...


At the beginning of the vid, he has an amazing physique.


"If you don't eat, you don't grow."


lol megarexic


We get a new label every week. My question is, what the hell does bigorexia mean now?

I had seen him before. This pic is of him from 2003. He still wasn't as big as Ronnie at his heaviest weight so I guess that means everyone on a pro stage has "megarexia" as well.

Now that the weights have dropped back a significant degree for guys like Wolf, Heath, and Curry, I wonder what they label them as now?

I think there is a problem once all health concerns are tossed out the window...but again, it isn't anyone else's job to dictate how others should live.


Interesting guy,

check out his website


Underground rumors are that he's still using AAS, just not the other drugs (which is what he got done for).

More than willing to help others out in the gym, apparently really friendly with trainers who obviously are training hard.

Maybe he's on this site somewhere....


Good for him. So long as he's staying healthy, I say go for it.

Ain't none of my damn business either way.