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There are no women in the weight room at my gym. Well, maybe not no women. The lighter dumbbells get some estrogen on them. And once I saw a woman in the squat rack. But I've never seen a chick deadlift unless it was me looking in the mirror.

Nothing against guys -- I like guys. But I need a little female company and inspiration as I try to lift heavier and gain strength. Thus far I've found some reading your Powerful Women logs.

I'm 44 and have been lifting for a little over a year. I started this iron business last summer after my husband got hurt and left me to do the outside chores for a time. The first day I tried to carry a full trash can out to the street, I couldn't believe how weak I was. That really pissed me off, and I decided to do something about it! I joined a local gym, got some instruction on how to use the free weights, read some books and the articles on this site and FA (when there were actual new articles over there) and here I am.

I started off this journey weighing about 123 lbs, with a size 6 ass, and with no upper body strength or muscle to speak of. I am a long-time cyclist, so my lower body was pretty strong and my overall conditioning good.

After a year of ferocious work in the gym, eating less white flour/sugar and more veggies, and surprisingly good genes (who knew?), I weigh about 113 lbs, I'm down two or three pants sizes and I'm as lean and muscle-y as I want to be. With no real aesthetic goals left to meet, I'm switching my attention to gaining strength.

Currently my PRs are:

Back squat - 120# for 5 reps
Deadlift (conv.) - 120# for 8 reps
Bench - 70# for 4 reps

Full-range-of-motion dips (10/5/6), 5 chin-ups, 1 close-grip pull-up and 1 neutral grip pull-up.

My goals are to deadlift twice my bodyweight, squat 190#, do 40 dips in a row and 10 chins in a row. Oh, and get up the nerve to post in SAMA.

Nice to meet you.


go ahead and post in SAMA.

hi, i'm one of the resident bitches.

tell me about your w/o program.

its my second month of 531 and i blew my squat pr to hell today.

oh yeah. fuck FA. unless you've had a couple glasses of wine and want a laugh. go back and read the old articles. they were good.


CBear, I like your style. Thanks for the welcome, and a HELL YEAH for the squat PR!

I weight train three days a week, full body. Squats 2x week, deads or RDLs 1x week, bench 2x week. Then I fill in with a mix of rows (cable/chest supported/bent over), band-assist chins or pullups, dips, Dr. Clay's shoulder triad, and single leg work like bulgarian split squats/SLDLs/pistol squats.

During cycling season, I ride 2-3x a week and take 1-2 days completely off. During the winter, I'll sub out the cycling with circuits: jump rope, pushup variations, kettlebell swings, burpees, etc.

Oh, and foam rolling and active warm-ups a la Eric Cressey.

Basically I try to increase weight or reps, slowly but surely, every time I train. I don't do stupid shit, though, because I'm self-employed with crap health insurance.

531 is very intriguing.


dont do stupid shit because it's stupid.

I was wary of 531 at first, because i hate doing math. but its so sick it works!


Wecome aboard!! Looking forward to reading your log.

2X on the old FA articles, they were pretty good. And go ahead and post in SAMA if you haven't already!! You will realize who the goons are quick!!


Hey Kimba,
Congratulations on your log! I look forward to following your progress. Great goals! Have a good day.


tootles and arachne, thanks for the welcome!

I usually feel really good on a Sunday morning in the deserted weight room. Today, however, my ass was dragging a bit. Some days are like that.

Back Squats
65# 10 reps (warm up)
95# 5
115# 5
115# 5
110# 10

During the first set at 115 I did a bit of a "squat-morning" on one or two. I don't think I rested enough before that set, cause I gave it a couple of more minutes before the second set of 115s and did substantially better on form the second time. Today I just wasn't feeling it enough to even try my previous PR of 120. I also need to film myself, because I don't know if I'm going low enough.

I do these in my socks (no shoes). Regular running shoes destabilized me, Chucks were somewhat better, but I vastly prefer my feet flat on the ground.

Bench Press
70# 5
65# 8
65# 7

For some reason, my best efforts are always on my first set. My previous PR was 4 reps at 70# so the 5 I got today made me happy. I was going for 10 reps on the the 65s, but that just wasn't happening today either.

Tri-Lunges with two 15# dumbbells supersetted with band assist chin-ups
5 x 3 sets
then a final burn-out of 8 band assisted chins. The band is the smallest Iron Woody.

Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press
15# 3 x 10 reps. These were pretty easy, so I need to go up to 17.5# next time.

Ab roll-outs
3 sets of 10

Then a moderate-effort bicycle ride for 1 hr. 18 min.

Tomorrow = rest day.


Hi there. Welcome to powerful women. It looks like you have a really solid start.

You mentioned taping your squats to look at them. I really recommend doing that and posting them here so we can laugh and mock. Seriously. We don't get out much. Okay we won't really mock. Much.

It is a good idea to video if you can and look at yourself. I tape a lot of my lifts and it's really helped me be critical with my own form and identify issues. I've also gotten invaluable feedback from a number of people around here that has helped my put up higher numbers just by making a few changes. Plus all the mockery has made me super humble.


Thanks so much for the welcome. I've watched some of your squat videos and was amazed that someone my age and about my size could seriously, straight-up lift that much weight. It sounds so sticky-sweet and trite to write the word "inspiring", but prior to that I had no fucking clue that was even possible.

Now that I do, Game On.


Hey there, good work so far. I'm also over 40 and like to lift. I had a log over at FA but got a bit lazy with it. I also have no real intention to get up on stage in a bikini and have some fat old judge assess my confirmation like a show pony, so I'm going to start a new one here when I come back form my holiday at the end of September. See you around.


Show pony...oh so true, and a big "no thanks" from me as well.

I'll look forward to your new log!


Hi, 44...wow!! Putting us young 'uns to shame...ok, not-so-young-uns.
Good job on the Bench press, that's one lift I'm yet to tackle.
Looking forward to following your log.


Skye, thanks for saying hi! The bench is by far my weakest lift. However, last summer I started out benching 10# dumbbells. So I consider my puny 70# PR one of my major accomplishments.


Jeezus H. Christ! 44 is NOT old!!!!!!!!!!! Now 84?? Maybe that would be a "wow".
It is precisely this type of age related mentality and stereotyping that stops people from doing things because they think they're too old. You're never too old to lift. Or rock and roll, for that matter.

Sorry for the rant, OP. I get cranky in my old age.

Keep up the good work.


The women here know 44 is not old. Out there in the world I hear people talk about slowing down at 35 (!) because they just can't do what they used to... It's ridiculous how low people set their expectations of their abilities after their 20s. I hope each one of us serves as an example that you don't have to lie down and die after 40.


Ahhh show pony... Darn - I will actually do one of those next year. It totally cracks me up - where else can you wear something that looks like a bedazzler exploded on it with hooker heels and people act like it's totally normal! LMAO. Besides, I want to get comprotable enough that I can wear a bikini in front of people. I buy the damn things but am too damn embarassed to wear them. :slight_smile:

Good log, btw. Look forward to following it.


If that were the case, I'd be dead for 15 years.

Recent research shows that people in my age bracket (55-70 years old) are a lot more fit and active than the previous generation. So the precedent of slowing down with age is not true, as long as you're healthy. U.S. World News and Time mag. had recent articles about this issue. It's time to change our outdated ways in which we view aging.

Sorry for the hijack, Kimba. You're doing a great job and working hard. I can still do everything I did when I was 44, except now I pee my pants a little on heavy squats.

Oh yeah, the word "toning" sets me off my rocker, too.


Yo Momma, I love rants - the crankier the better. Keep 'em coming and hijack anytime.

Age is a funny thing. When I was 21, I certainly would have thought that 44 was old. Now that I'm that age, I don't think that anymore.

Now I go by how old people are in their heads, not on their birth certificates. I know plenty of folks my age that are old in their heads. Just what Arachne was talking about -- people taking their behavioral cues from the number of candles on the birthday cake. My mom is like that: she's 75 now but has been an old lady in her head for 20 years.

That's complete and utter bullshit. I totally agree that its time to change outdated views on aging. A good way to do that is to kick ass and show the world how hard we're kicking it.

Like, for example, in a log. :slight_smile:

NVH, thanks for the welcome! I completely respect your decision to be a show pony, and automatically like someone who can walk that difficult FA path while at the same time seeing the humor in the Beadazzler/suit glue/crazy tanning situation. Funny, I'm uninclined to show but I'm completely shameless about the bikini-wearing -- albeit the non-sparkly version.


I know someone somewhere asked for my opinion. I heard it. I swear.

I used to toss around the idea of doing a figure comp, but I really didnt understand what all the hype was about. Then, I went to my first competition as an observer.


The smell. The attitude. The bitching. Those were the other people in the audience!!

None of the competitors looked happy. I cant imagine they would be, having gone too many hours without water, carbs, and sleep. the spray tan. the oil. the hair.

the unfair judging.

I dont mean my opinion of what was fair, but OVBIOUS inconsistency with placement within each class and overall. What the judges were looking for wasn't apparent, and therefore, I believe, not fair.

If you're gonna have fucked up standards of what looks good thats a game people can play, and adjust to, but when they're fucked up and inconsistent that really grinds my gears.

After all that hard work, dieting, cardio, and money, some of those girls (and guys) definitely did not get the rewards they deserved.

No way in hell am I going to put my body, my metabolism, my wallet, and my loved ones through all of that just to say I had the experience.

however, ditto to the women who do it and are proud of it. After all, why not be proud of showing off your hard work?

I'd rather just get nekkid and take pictures. My man's attention is my own prize.

I think Yo Mamma said it, "The fountain of youth is in a very heavily loaded barbell."

methinks I never wanna grow up, and I'll make my best effort to never grow old either.

/rant + hijack


Yo momma, I'm going to a Motor Head concert tomorrow night with some other power lifters. Am I too old to flash my tits?

FWIW, I do pee squirts on deadlifts. The other ladies in my age bracket have 'pads for power lifters' with them at all times. It's a niche market.