The Kettlebell Thread

I don’t think such a thread was created before. I was going to include an update in the bodyweight training thread I made long ago but that is gone.

I spontaneously tried the 10,00 Swing in a Month challenge over 4.5 weeks. I thought I had alright swing form but I actually didn’t. I think my form would rate as a 6 out of 10. But I enjoyed it so much that I purchased eight sessions from the RKC-certified instructor at my gym to get the basics. My swing form improved greatly. My form for cleans needs work but that improved too.

I particularly like KBs because a lot can get done quickly with chains and complexes. And that’s what I go for at this point of life.

I likely can’t chime in here as often as I once did but I’m curious to see if anyone else is doing a lot with KB’s.