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The Keg Thread


Following the recent cool tip to get a Keg from my local brewery, i did.

It's a 7.5 Gallon baby, all metal with a wooden cork. I filled 'er up full with water and now it weighs exactly 82lbs. This seems like a good weight for me right now and when i need more i figure i can fill it with sand.

Soo, i was thinking of exercises i could do with my new equipment and Here is what i have so far. Please contribute what you can.


Keg Power Cleans - Just regular power cleans but with a explosive throw at the end.

Keg Toss - Deadlift the keg up then lean backwards and hurl it as far as you can over your head.

Keg Snatch - Like a snatch, but with the Keg.

Keg Runs - Put the thing over your shoulder and wrap your arms around. Then go for a run.

Keg Discus throw - Spin around and let loose, for distance.

Keg Shot Put (two handed) - Get a running start and push-throw it as far as you can.


What about floor/bench press, pullovers or bent over rows? Would these be too awkward?
How about alternate shoulder presses (from one shoulder to the other), lifting to platforms or even hack squats?


I got a australian keg and I'm having trouble getting the ball-bearing out of the top so I can fill it up. Any ideas on the best way to fix it ? cheers


If your keg is anything like mine, check this thread out for instructions on getting water in it:

Also, check this out:


Stuff I have done with my keg:

  1. Cleans, snatches, and presses. All using various grips.

  2. Walks and runs. Just pick it up however you want and move. Bear hug, on a shoulder, front squat position, hang clean/deadlift position, etc.

  3. Squats. Front squats, back squats, bear hug squats.

  4. Tosses. Just throw it.

  5. Drags and pulls. Tie a rope to it and go.

The list is endless.

Get creative,


You can get rid of half or a third of the water. It'll weigh less, but since the water has more room to move around, it'll be more dynamic. Didn't Kubick compare partly-filled keg-lifting to wrestling a live tiger? Good times.

Some fun moves I like to work on:
Shouldering for time: Keg starts on the ground, keg ends up on your shoulder, drop keg, repeat for 2-5 minutes. Alternate shoulders each rep.

Rocket Launcher Crunch: Hold the keg on your shoulder, like you'd hold a bazooka (or rocket launcher, hence the catchy name) steady it with both arms, and "crunch" diagonally down, like you're doing a crossbody crunch, when the keg feels like it's going to fall, reverse the motion to stand up straight. Do 4-6 reps, then switch sides.

Zercher Lunge: Hold keg in the Zercher position, horizontally in front of you. Lunge forward with 1 foot, return to center. I usually do 3-4 reps per side, then switch, but you could try it with walking lunges if you're nuts.

Saxon Side Bend: Press keg overhead, keep arms locked, tick-tock side to side like a side bend.