The kaz

Speaking of The Kaz, does anyone know how he used to work out, how he does now, and what he is up to these days? He most definately was the most awesome strength athlete ever!

On the commercial he said he does 70 set workouts w/ TwinLab Thermicore.

was twinlab even around back in the day?

I got some old powerlifting rags that have his “program” in them but we all know the shit that gets in the rags is not the shit these guys realy do. he co-hosts the strong man on espn, and he still looks like he would win it if he tried (I know he has had alot of injurys but he still LOOKS like he could) he DWARFS most of the competitors. he is the freek of all freeks, THE STRONGEST MAN THAT EVER LIVED. god can anyone imagine what that must feel like to him. knowing when you walk in a room full of peaple that you are THE BEST at what you did. peace