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The Jump Rope Warm-Up!


I think using a jump rope would be a good choice, how long should I do it?

Would like some energy left over for training.


You should do it for as long as you wish.

As long as it ISN'T IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING ISLE between sets so I have to WALK AROUND 6 FUCKING BENCHES to fill up my water.

Sorry, don't mean to rant at you, but Jumprope guy at my gym annoys the fuck out of me.


Not in the face!!!!!!

I train (or try to) at home, "I" know better than to curl in the squat rack or be a dick at the gym.


I generally jump rope until I feel warm and my heart rate increases, then I move onto some mobility work.

Seems to work ok for me.

I think it's more of an individual thing, for me it's normally a few 30 second rounds, start off with simple 2 footed jumping, then increase the complexity so I don't get bored (I've been told that it's like watching an audition for River Dance... not sure if I should take that as a compliment).


Depends on how good you are at it and how fast you're going. If you're reasonably coordinated and not tripping yourself every couple of skips, shoot for about five minutes at a casual pace (around 1-2 skips/second). If you tend to stumble over the rope, you might want to go for 100-200 total skips.


usually go 3 x 3 min rounds as a warm up for boxing. Increasing speed and intensity with the last 10 secs of each round a sprint.

Gets me to break a decent sweat during the third round ready to get started lifting.