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The Juice or the Skin?

So i have a friend who owns a juicer. Could not find alot of information, other than juicer ads. So is the juice really good for you, or is it just water and a little of the fruit squeezed out? i just put like 2 red apples in it and the juice is awesome, but theres so much “apple” left.
So whats the down low?

I don’t juice. Put vegetables and berries in blender with protein. Just eat an apple.

The juicer is good at extracting the ‘juice’ out of the fruit. The juice is mostly going to contain sugar and water soluble nutrients. There is a lot of beneficial stuff left over in the pulp. Some people say that juicing separates the good stuff from the sugar (what you drink). So while juicers make juice that is better than what most people consume (store purchased sugar water) - it’s not as good as consuming the whole fruit.

For those that want to drink fruit juice, I recommend grating fruits and vegetables into a blender. It doesn’t over work the blender to get a smoother consistency, you are consuming the whole fruit/vegetable and it doesn’t take a bag of apples to make a glass.

Thanks, that’s what i thought. I mean it kinda seems like common sense. I Guess im about to eat some pulp, hahaha. Thanks again for the response.

Ps avocado makes a creamy shake

Well juices are always very useful for the human being , it can help you to maintain a health and fit body , the juices are always make your skin fresh and cool…

Not only might you miss on a few of the vitamins, but you’re also going to lose out on all the fiber.

Just eat (or blend) whole fruit.

yeah, i ate the pulp, it was dry and not as good as the whole fruit would have been. I guess i will eat the fruit. that’s the way it’s grown anyway, might as well.
and thanks jannet, your comment went into consideration as well