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The Juice and Stimulants


in my past 20 years or so of hanging out in gyms, things I've seen and heard have lead me to the following conclusions:

  1. The Juice By Itself- not too dangerous

  2. Stimulants By Themselves (aside from coke, meth, etc.)- not too dangerous

  3. The Juice And Stimulants At The Same Time- Very Bad Idea

  4. Alternating The Juice And Stimulants- ??????????

For instance, I consider the ECA stack relatively safe at reasonable doasges when taken by itself. However, I consider taking ECA while on the juice a HUGE mistake. The situation I am least sure about is when people alternate the juice and stimulants. Wondering what others thought...


I'd have to agree with you Dade. The impact on your liver and kidneys while doing both at the same time just isn't worth the health risks. I rarely use stimulants because of the sides, but I definitely wouldn't use when on a cycle.



Anyone??? Anyone ever seen any actual studies? My gut tells me the juice may make you hypersensitive to stimulants but that's just a guess...


From what I've heard, most of the horror stories about people on gear involve some sort of concurrent stimulant use. I'd imagine the increase in blood pressure alone wouldn't be bad, but taking the two together could probably lead to some serious hypertension.


Well this isn't quite what's being asked but the 1/2 a dozen guys that I either knew personally or had spoken to over the net, and had died where using things like coke along with their AAS. Off the top of my head I can think of 2 people I knew who juiced pretty regularly and also used coke regularly and they're not around any more.

However, let's not rule out that ALOT of peopl who are into stimulants (especially coke, meth, ect) usually get into things to bring them down, ie. dope, perc's, and other opiates. NOT sure about the whole ECA or clen use with gear thing. I'd definitely not use them while on something that would raise my BP alot, however alongside just test or test and var, or test/var/primo? I don't know? Anyone else care to comment


A friend of a friend used the ECA stack on a cutting cycle with Winstrol for 5 weeks. He cycled the ephedrine so as not to adapt to it and used relatively low doses at 50 mg/day max. He saw no problems or adverse effects EXCEPT and this was enough to make him not stack the two again. He sometimes had sucicidal thoughts and questions. Not depression or anxiety related but he'd be driving and just wonder if he could survive a head-on with a semi or a ride off a bridge. After he discontinued use the thoughts never occurred again. I garauntee the stimulants/aas was the cause.


I take a 25 mg. ephedrine tablet with aspirins and a can of redbull or other caffeinated drink every time I work out. I only do this 4 days a week and I never exceed 1 tablet in a day. I also do short, 4-6 week steroid cycles every three months or so, and I can tell you for sure that when I'm on both it fucks with my mood BIG TIME. I feel weird. I get mood swings. I feel angry then sad, guilty, depressed etc. I freak out on the road while driving. These are side effects that will cause me to stop using juice in the near future and try to maintain what I've gained.


"After he discontinued use the thoughts never occurred again. I garauntee the stimulants/aas was the cause. "

You gaurantee this?


SOme kinda silly talk going on here boys? If the stack makes you irritable don't use it anymore, btw what compounds do you use in your shorties?

As for thoughts of "what if" in terms of killing yourself. Not for nothing but I think that's kinda normal. I think stuff like that sometimes, has nothing to do with wanting to kill myself. TO say you are sure he'll never have those thoughts again after the stack stops is pretty silly.


Well I will be honest since no one else ever is.

I take just about everything once in a while while on AAS. No meth though. A little coke. Clen, T3, ect...
XTC sometimes....

I wouldn't recommend it or anything, but I have monitored my bp and it wasn't too wild at all. I have never gone over board with the blow though, and that might do it....


i have also done this from time to time and i can tell you that sometimes i think that i am lucky to be alive anyway right now i am taking noxplode and nitrix tabs and creatine while on a test deca stack and i thought i was going to pass out today so i think no more noxplode to bad i really love the shit.


I have in the past done a lot of psychoactive drugs: ecstasy. coke, amphetamines, cannabis, LSD, mescaline, ketamine, DMT, 2CB etc. They may not seem to cause many side effects in the short term, but they will impede your progress long term. The comedown will affect your mood, which in turn will affect the quality of your workouts. The impact on your health is pretty disastrous as well.

I very rarely use psychoactive drugs anymore as I find the impact on my system (both mental and physical) is just too high.