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The Juggernaut Meathead



Finished doing the juggernaut method, got 16 lbs on my bench, 10 on my overhead, 5 on my squat, and 0 on my deadlift. Starting at the bottom of page 6 I am now training with Josh Bryant.

Starting the juggernaut method and a new log to accompany it.

Old logs-


I just competed in a 100% Raw meet this past weekend and ended up with a 391 Squat, 319 Bench, and 501 Deadlift, 1211 total. I don't have a vid of the squat, but here is the Bench and Dead-

The deadlift was a 36 lbs PR and I was fucking excited, Bench was 4 lbs over my best ever touch and go and 19 over my best paused bench. Squat my all time PR is 405, I barely missed 411 at the meet.

I have been doing 5/3/1 for quite a while now and gotten good results, I am going to keep my assistance layout basically the same and use the jugg method for the main four lifts. I use a template based off of CC's "How Do You Train?" thread.

My working maxes staring out will be:

Working Maxes
Overhead Press: 150
Close Grip Bench: 285
Squat: 355
Deadlift: 455


10s Wave, Week 1

June 20th- Shoulders

I was still sore from Saturday coming into today, particularly my middle back and glutes but I don't have time to sit around not training, I want to get strong and I have a long way to go!

Overhead Press
4x10 95
1x12 95 -These sets were actually somewhat difficult even though the weight was so light

DB Lateral Raises
1x10 30s
1x10 35s
1x10 40s
1x10 45s
1x10 50s

Band Pullaparts
3x20 Monster Mini

Called it a day, I will probably have to scale down my assistance a little bit at least starting out with so many more reps than 5/3/1.


Nice job on the pull. Looked like you had some more in the tank. I'll be interested to see how you do with the Juggernaut method. Good luck.


Thanks bud, it felt like a huge jump at the time to go up to 501 but as soon as I put it down I couldn't help but wish I would have gone for about 510.


June 21st- Biceps and Calves

I got this workout done in about 25 minutes today because I was crunched for time (currently typing this on my phone at work). I mostly just add these sessions so I don't have to train these muscles with more important ones.

EZ Bar Curls Back Against Wall
1x10 20
1x10 70
1x10 90
1x5 110 -I did these the same way they do them for the 100% Raw curl competitions. After watching people do them on Saturday I was curious what I could do.

DB Pinwheel Curls One Arm At a Time
1x8 40s
1x8 50s
1x8 60s
1x8 70s

Seated Calf Raises
1x12 90
1x12 115
1x12 135
1x12 160

-Alternated With

Standing One Leg Calf Raise


June 22nd- Bench and Tri's

All of the JM reps were easy, I am pretty good at benching for reps.

Close Grip Bench (Same grip as video in OP)
4x10 170
1x18 170 -I stopped with a few in the tank just like the books says.

Lying EZ Bar Extensions
1x10 70
1x8 90
1x8 110
1x4 130

Straight Bar Tricep Pushdowns
1x10 40
1x10 70
1x10 85
1x10 100
1x5 115

Band Pullaparts Behind The Neck
3x20 Mini Band

-alternated with

Band Pullaparts
3x20 Mini Band


June 23rd- Deadlift and Back

Wow this session was waaay harder than expected. 5x10 with 275 on deadlift? Psh piece of cake... Boy was I wrong, my lower back and glutes were screaming after 2 sets. I know this stuff will help make me better because it is really hard and it was put together by someone who know what the hell they are doing.

I also plan on following the books advice by not using a belt except for the realization week. I figured out shortly before my meet I suck at squatting a pulling beltless so it is clearly a weakness I need to work on.

Deadlift (Beltless)
4x10 275
1x11 275 -I went for the eleventh rep just so I didn't stop at the required amount. My hands, lower back, glutes, hamstrings, lungs, and traps were all on fire after these sets.

DB Row
1x10 70
1x10 100
1x10 140 -I was too tired to get any more.

Pullups, 2 Grips
6 Sets


June 24th- Chest

My lower back is in knots today, I can't even bend over. This is the other training session I add to the week in addition to the standard four sessions. I feel like the extra work has helped with my strength off of the chest.

Flat DB Bench
1x8 60s
1x8 80s
1x8 100s
1x8 110s Rep PR
1x4 120s

Incline DB Bench
1x10 60s
1x10 70s
1x10 80s
1x5 90s

3x12 BW +25

Facepulls on seated row
3x15 55


June 26th- Legs

My lower back was feeling better today but still far from 100%. Lucky for me my squat sucks horribly so I didn't have to hold a ton of weight on my back today.

One of my goals for these 16 weeks is to build a rock solid mid section as I feel that is part of what is holding my lifts back.

Squat (Beltless)
4x10 215
1x12 215 -These sets were difficult but nothing like 5x10 on deadlift.

Front Squat (Beltless)
1x8 95
1x8 135
1x8 185

Front Squat Hold
315 x10 Seconds

Walking DB Lunges
3x10/side 30s

My lower back was feeling nice and shitty after this and my legs were wobbley even though I didn't go heavy on anything.


If you are not accustomed to higher rep work, even the light weights can be a humbling experience. You might not find that it bolsters your max strength in the short run, but it will raise work capacity and make you more proficient at squatting.

I, too, am giving beltless work a shot and hope to see at least some benefit for my squat. Keep on truckin'.


I have done quite a bit more rep work for squats than I have for deadlifts in the past. I have squatted 225x20 so the sets with 215 wouldnt have been too awful if my lower back would have been in better shape. I woke up this morning with my back feeling the best it has since I deadlifted on thursday so hopefully I will be close to 100% by this Thursday so I can smash some more deadlifts.

So far going beltless has ben feeling good to me, hopefully my numbers will reflect that once I put the belt back on.


10s Wave- Week 2

June 27th- Shoulders

God my overhead is weak, I haven't progressed in this lift since my first year of training.

Overhead Press
1x5 85
1x5 95
2x10 105
1x12 105 +10 lbs from last week.

DB Lateral Raises
1x10 25s
1x10 30s
1x10 35s
1x10 40s
1x10 45s
1x10 50s

DB Trisets (12 lateral raises, 12 front raises, 12 overhead presses)
3x36 15s - I just did these for fun and to get a burn in my shoulders and man they hurt like hell.

I tried to do band pullaparts but my shoulders were so weak after the Trisets I couldn't even do one.


June 28th- Biceps and Calves

Standing BB Curls
1x10 85
1x10 105
1x10 115
1x5 125

DB Pinwheel Curls (one at a time)
1x10 45s
1x10 55s
1x10 65s
1x10 75s

Seated Calf Raises
4x12 Some

-Alternated with

Standing One Leg Calf Raises


June 29th- Bench and Tris

Pretty decent session, my triceps were torn up after this and feeling awesome.

Close Grip Bench
1x5 155
1x5 180
2x10 190
1x15 190

Lying Barbell Extensions (to chin)
1x10 45
1x10 65
1x10 95
1x10 115 -I haven't done these in forever. They can be rough on the elbows but man they felt awesome.

Overhead Rope Extensions
3xSome 50


June 30th- Deadlift and Back

My lower back was fully recovered going into today but it was toasted again after this session.

Deadlift (Beltless)
1x5 250
1x5 285
2x10 305
1x11 305 -This was hard but I gutted it out.

One Arm DB Row
1x10 70
1x10 100
add straps
1x15 140

Overhand Pullups
3x8 BW

Neutral Pullups
3x5 BW

Overhand Cable Row
1x10 120
1x10 140
1x10 160

Side Bends (I did these holding the bar from the chest supported row machine.)
1x6 Bar
1x6 Bar 45
1x6 Bar 90 -I took it easy on these to get used to them but I plan on pushing them hard.


July 1st- Chest

I was feeling lazy as shit today but still got an okay session in.

Flat DB Bench
1x8 60s
1x8 80s
1x8 100s
1x5 120s

Incline DB Bench
1x10 60s
1x10 70s
1x10 80s
1x6 90s

1x20 BW PR +5 reps
2x15 -it has been one of my goals for a while to hit 3x20 on dips, I am getting close.


July 3rd- Legs

This was a hard session and it felt great.

Squat (Beltless)
1x5 195
1x5 220
2x10 240
1x12 240

Front Squat (Beltless)
1x8 55
1x8 105
1x8 145
1x8 195

Front Squat Hold
1x10 seconds 365

Walking DB Lunges
3x10/side 40s


10s Wave- Week 3

July 4th- Shoulders

Motherfucking independence day! As usual the school gym closed for the holiday, as they do with every fucking holiday, including Columbus Day. Good session, great day overall blowing up some fireworks, drinking some beers, and enjoying my friends and family.

Overhead Press
1x5 75
1x3 90
1x1 105
add belt
1x12 115 -I think the weights may be a bit lighter at this gym than at school, I am not sure. I also realized the last two weeks I have been using 150 instead of 160 as my working max for overhead press, oh well, I am going to calculate my new working max as if it was 150 from the beginning, god my overhead sucks.

Hammer Strength Shoulder Press
1x10 90
1x10 140
1x10 180 -I don't have access to this machine usually so I did it just because.

Machine Lateral Raise
1x12 50
1x12 60
1x12 70
1x12 80
1x12 90

Band Pullaparts
3x12 Monster Mini

That was it, I had a family thing to do so I kept it brief.


July 5th- Biceps and Calves

Not much to say here, just some extra work for smaller muscles. After reading Josh Bryant's Powerbuiding e-book I have decided to implement some more cheating into my BB curls. Josh Bryant made the point that basically everyone with big arms have used cheat curls and most people who only use super strict form have small arms, good enough for me!

BB Cheat Curls
1x10 45
1x8 65
1x8 95
1x8 115
1x8 135 -form was starting to really loosen here.
1x3 155 Baseline PR

DB Hammer Curls
5x10 40s

DB Zottman Curls
3x10 25s -Hard flex at the top, more of a contraction exercise.

Seated Calf Raises
1x20 90
1x20 115
1x20 135
1x20 160
1x20 185


July 6th- Bench and Tris

Great session, hit some PRs. I plan on sticking with the same bench grip all through TJM and seeing what my gains are, however after I am finished I may experiment with widening my grip back out to a more standard powerlifting width. That said, if I try to widen it out and I don't immediately feel stronger with the wider grip I don't see any reason to change it, Konstantin Konstantinovs benches 500+ close grip, why not me?

Close Grip Bench
1x5 145
1x3 170
1x1 200
add belt
1x18 215 PR +5 Reps -Kind of a cheap PR considering I haven't repped this weight out for about four months, but I'll take it.

Lying BB Extensions To Chin
-just added 10 lbs to every set from last week.
1x10 55
1x10 75
1x10 95
1x10 115 PR

Overhead Rope Extensions
3xlots 57

After this I did some PVC rolling on my quads, hips, and groin to get me ready to deadlift tomorrow.