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The Joys of Equality




That's fucking hilarious.


How fucking stupid has this world become? I guess we can look forward to more horrible decision making by officers. I actually feel sorry for the good cops out there....


Its the same in Texas with firefighters and cops. They have lowered the entrance score tremendously because most of the mexicans couldnt pass it. Bullshit all around.


This has nothing to do with equality. Its an example of myopic problem solving.

Kinda just waiting for someone to come out and say the underlying theme of the thread: White people are just smarter and better than minorities, and those dumb/lazy blacks/mexicans are bringing everything down, and "equality' ruins everything for the better (white) people.


Not sure what you are getting at. Hopefully we can all agree that a "dumber" police force isn't a great idea? right? I don't want dumb white, black, hispanic, green, red, yellow, etc., police officers running the streets. It has nothing to do with race. Power corrupts people enough, I don't want stupidity included in the mix.


Sooooo, there are really only two possible explanations.

Either Hispanics and African Americans are just way more stupid than average, or intellgent members of said minorities would not want to become a police officer if you offered them free blowjobs.

It could be that those people are simply a tad disenchanted with the system.


Or those Hispanics and Blacks score lower on those tests for reasons other than "they are stupid" - and "lower the standards" isn't the right answer at all. Hence I called the solution myopic.

But I'm at risk of throwing around liberal talking points like "social inequalities".


You could throw them around, but there is a major flaw in these liberal talking points.

You see, it matters not what potential people have, it matters what their performance is. If blacks, at least those that are interested in the job, cannot even pass a what I imagine is a rather simple test they would still be a problem if you offered them a badge and a gun.


This is a pretty sad story, I was in the testing process for the Dallas Police, had 6 yrs active service along with my Degree. It was pretty sad to see fat guys or puny woman and man allowed to take the test and the majority passed due to I reckon the low standards. I had come in at the 95% in all test and to me it was too easy.
Like Orion said this people are handed power and weapon, when half of the them cant even perform beyond average standards. I worked a starbucks during college and let me say some of them make you wonder how they got there. It's the reason many good cops leave or go on to better options, which I luckily did.


And what reasons might they be?

What about the white people who score lower on those tests? Not stupid?

At the end of the day how would you design an exam so that it weeds out the stupid and incapable but not those who at the moment fail for other reasons?


I can speak personally that for my gasfitting course, 70% on the provincial exam was the minimum acceptable grade, and same goes for my broters programming. Can't get 70%, then gtfo.


I'm guessing writing wasn't on one of those tests?


Insensitive prick!


Thats all you have brother chris, to insult my writing skills on a forum of bodybuilders. Are you also one of the minorities who feel the world is owed to US? You gotta try better than that my brother from another mother.


I was ribbing you on your writing. No need to have your feelings hurt, brother.

Lol, wtf? Sure, I'm a minority...I'm Catholic (otherwise I'm Irish and Spanish). I listen to the Pope and believe what the Servant of the Servants of God teaches on Faith and Morals, and I read Edmund Burke, Orestes Brownson, and John Henry Newman (with a little bit of Russel Kirk and T.S. Elliot).

The world doesn't owe me shit, I'm a sinner like everyone else and everything I have received has been a gift from G-d. As well, if you don't make the score you don't pass.


No I was not bothered, I thought you were attacking the person not the issue, like a typical liberal thats all.


Like a liberal? How the in the world do you get liberal out of Catholicism, Burke, Kirk, Elliot, Brownson, Newman, and the Pope?


Reading fail.
attacking the person not the issue = like a typical liberal


I was asking a clarifying a question, because of his last clause sounded as if he was insinuating I am a "typical liberal."