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The Joy Of The Comeback

Hey all. After 3 years of year-round lifting, I took 2 years off. I was totally sedentary–no real exercise whatsoever. I decided to start reading T-mag again and get my ass in gear. I had been trying to cut down my bodyfat to get that ripped look, but after reading T-mag, I realized that the problem wasn’t that I was too fat–it was that I didn’t have enough muscle. So I changed my junk-food college-style diet to a 4000-calorie-per-day bulking diet, quas-Massive Eating-style. I took in about 200g of protein per day, with a TON of it coming from good ol’ 2% milk.

My results after my comeback (so far 1 week 5x5 3 days/wk, 2 weeks Growth Surge Stage 2):

Bodyweight - Start: 150 End: 163
Bench - S: 150 3x6 E: 205 3x6
Squat - S: 135 3x6 E: 205 3x6
Deads - S: 111 3x6 E: 245 3x6
Leg Press - S: 190 3x10 E: 350 3x10

All my other lifts have shot up astronomically as well. Even my lesser ones. Curls went from using 50 pounds 3x15 to 85 pounds 3x15. My T-bar rows began with me using only a 45 on the bar for 3x10. I have since added another 45 to that. These are all simply workout weights, since I don’t have a partner so I can’t max. However, I tend to push myself to the limit in my daily workouts anyway.

This just goes to show that it is never too late to make a change. I went from benching 300 to barely benching 185, and now I am climbing back up. I was a smoker and a lazy ass. The comeback is a very good feeling, and I am hoping that it won’t end anytime soon. My lifts haven’t seemed to plateau out at all, and I just add more and more weight for fun during the workouts. All the weight I gained seems to be muscle, and I can see myself getting closer to that “ripped” look I have wanted. Funny how by doubling my caloric intake, my abs are starting to pop out.

A few months from now when I am at my goal of 185 at <10% bf, I will post pics and stuff. I have just got so excited after these quick gains that I had to post them…

Hey man, way to go. I dunno what happened to cause you to take such a long layoff, but the important thing is you’re back in and excited about it. Best of luck to you in the future and let us know how you progress.

hahah…ooohhhh the beautiful feeling of the comeback…i luv it! suddenly life seems to have a little more meaning…(i ain’t gonna be weak no more! :wink: )

Milk it for all it is worth… eventually it will turn into work again.

[quote]vroom wrote:
Milk it for all it is worth… eventually it will turn into work again.[/quote]

How long have you been lifting? I have been at it for 6months now and still make monstrous gains from week to week.

for example, I started with 175lbs as a 1RM in Feb. Today I am at about 400lbs for squats. ~same numbers for deadlifts. I still bench like a pussy… Yes, those low-ball numbers were from feb, but I didn’t really start pushing hard until the summer.

At this rate I’ll be squatting 800lb by this time next year - LOL

Wouldn’t it be nice if gains were a linear reward? =)

[quote]vroom wrote:
Milk it for all it is worth… eventually it will turn into work again.[/quote]

Vroom,you seem VERY intellegent in your other replies (even though we disagree on most political issues) but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why you would make a comment like that to a person who surely doesn’t need it.

I figure unless one has something constructive to add, he shouldn’t add anything at all.

Anyway, I am 100% behind you, man! PM me if you need any help or encouragement!

Hey all, thanks for the encouraging replies. Vroom, I think that attitude is kind of self-defeating, man. I used to be afraid of getting grotesque and “too big”, but then I read an article on here bashing that philosophy, ditched it, and voila–I started to grow. I am now supplementing with some overpriced creatine from GNC…I know, I know. So my gains should increase even more. I started my 5x5 plan (Ripped, Rugged, and Dense article) today to harden my new muscle and hopefully lose a bit of fat too. It is a MWF split with 20 sets per workout. I am also throwing in 5 sets of calves each workout and using the Awesome Abs program whenever I feel up for it. Should I do cardio only on off days?

You can do cardio on weight days but it may turn out better if you do cardio on off days. If you need to do both in one day, try to keep 4-5 hours between the weight session and the cardio session. By the way… Search for the Fat to Fire article by John Davies. Look at his GPP stuff and maybe replace traditional cardio (if you are doing trad. cardio ie; treadmill, bike stairmaster etc.) with this. It’s much more demanding and much less tedious.

Wow, the Fat to Fire program rocks! Short, intense, and not boring like running. I am now using Fat to Fire, Awesome Abs Stage I, and the Ripped, Rugged and Dense 5x5 program, as well as using 3g creatine per day. I am eating just as much as I did during my MAG-10 cycle, and for some reason, my bodyfat is still dropping like a rock. I got on the scale today and it said I weighed 172. Same scale, same time as usual. My squats are going through the roof, too. I use the Smith Machine for them now, since I don’t have a spotter and prefer not to have one. It gives me the extra confidence to pack on more weight. Chains get rid of that floaty feeling at the top of the range of motion on the machine. My comments on the Ripped, Rugged, and Dense program so far are: it’s awesome! The squat/deadlift day really kicked my ass. My workout today, however, seemed a little half-hearted since most of it was FOREARM work. Oh well, I need to increase my grip strength to hang on to bigger weights.

I’m not going be negative about the whole smith machine thing, but I would look for an alternative. Don’t you have access to a cage with safety pins? There are other better ways to squat safely without needing to use the smith machine.

What’s wrong with the smith machine? Something to do with stabilizers?

The smith machine forces your body into an unnatural groove for proper squatting. It goes straight up and straight down. I would say that putting chains on the smith machine for squats is a travesty at best. If Louie Simmons were dead, he would be rolling in his grave.

Squat with a real bar in a squat rack, and have someone teach you where to set the pins, and how to properly dump a squat.

RIT Jared

Oh, I do them on a smith machine that is angled and it’s actually very non-intrusive. But I see what you mean.

RITJared is right on here. Aside from the whole “Smith Machine sucks” thing (it really does… for a variety of reasons) it seems the Fat to Fire article got you hooked, look into Coach Davies’ other articles. You’ll never see ANY machines. It’s “throwback” type stuff. A throwback to a time when men trained like men by using the tools they had available. Things like heavy barbells, dumbbells, kegs, kettlebells etc. I don’t want this to sound like anything but advice. I am not poking fun of you at all. You will just be better off squatting without the assistance of the machines and you will be much more “hardened” physiologically and psychologically. Now go kick some more ass (in the gym)!