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The Joy of T-Cooking



puts on apron lets all trade recipes for high protein meals. like, i agree if ur dead set on eating right it doesnt matter how it tastes-- but hell having enjoyable food cant hurt either.

i'll kick it off with two of my college main courses:
grilled cheese w/ sourdough bread and 3 eggs and green chilli

quesadilla w/ hella grilled chicken and saute'd onions and cheese, then put salsa on it and a couple of eggs


Ground Sirloin Enchilladas:

Get a pound or so of ground sirloin. Brown it in a pan on medium heat. Once browned- add in a cup of water and some taco seasonings (this would also work with chicken or turkey). Reduce heat to low- let beef sit another few minutes absorbing the seasonings.

Get out a couple of low carb, whole wheat- high fiber tortillas. Scoop meat into the tortillas along with your favorite type of low fat cheese. Place tortillas in a shallow pan and then into the oven- preheated to 350 degrees- for 20 minutes. Voila- done and done.

Extra meat can be refrigerated for 3-4 days.


It might be easier to just go buy Dr. Berardi's Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook. It's got everything you need, and free update meals!!

Get it here:


You need a frozen eye of round roast and a realy sharp carving knife for this.
Take a frozen eye of round, and slice off chips so thin that they are almost transparent(a heaping handfull will do). Dice onions fine. One good sized portabella cap, cut to preference. Pre heat a pan and evo to just about the smoking point. Quickly toss in the shrooms, meat, and onions. Sprinkle with a good dose of rosemary, maybe 1/2 a tsp., garlic and black pepper to taste. drop the heat quickly and splash and de glaze the pan with a good balsamic vinegar. Throw it on the bun of choice and chow down. You can also substitute beef with deer, and portabellas with morells. Total cooking time should be less than 60 sec.


One I did yeasterday-
Bruschetta straight from the garden:
Dice two cups of tomatoes
a heap of fresh basil (1/4 cup)
same with oregano
2 meaty cloves of garlic (chopped superfine)
about 1/4 cup olive oil
mix well and chill overnight. Thats the hard part. Great on crackers or fresh baked and toasted bread.
The herbs straight off of the plant are key to this one. Not much protien to speak of but high in good fats and phyto-nutrients.


Beef Mushroom Steak M.R.E.
46grams of protein and 730 calories!dont forget the peanut butter spread!!! Unless you get Cheese spread insted.=( YOu also get bread, rice, cherry flavored drink, If you are lucky you even get skittles for that sugar high!!! YES!!! All this and only 2800 hundred calories!!!!!! =)


I once went an entire week exercise in Korea living on nothing but MRE meats, peanut butter, and protein shakes. It was awesome!!

I don't really do recipes very often. I guess a fav. of mine is 6-8 eggs (depending on size) with sharp cheddar cheese and chunky hot salsa. Easy to please I guess.