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The Journey to the Mighty 505-pound Squat


Hi guys. My name is Bee and I’ve been on and off with strength training for the past ten years. I used to bodybuild, then switched to powerlifting, then olympic lifting.

Right now, I’m just training for general strength, with the single-minded goal of squatting 505 pounds with full range of motion.

Today is 11-14-2016. Donald Trump recently became the president of the United States. I was glad, since I voted for him…

And today of all days, I squatted 365 pounds. Below is the video…

EDIT: I’m 25 years old, currently.


Why 505?

Why not 495 (5 plates)
Why not 500 (5 plates and a 2.5)


lol. No particular reason.

In my gym, 2.5-pound plates are rarely seen. It’s annoying, but I have no choice but to live with that. So I just decided to use the 5-pound plates when adding or subctracting weights. 505 does not require 2.5 plates.


Today is 11-15-2016.

I squatted 335 pounds for two reps.


good luck bee I have faith in you and T Nation has faith in you.



I really appreciate it.


505 is a good number too.
5 plates and one plate of 5 each side

5 pound - bar with 5 plates on each side - 5 pounds


Today is 11-16-2016

It is my cousin’s birthday so we celebrated by eating turkey. I couldn’t eat the cake though. I’m trying to lose weight.

I squatted 335 pounds today for two reps. And then I did ten sets of hang cleans with 115 pounds. First three sets I did six reps each. The remaining seven sets were all failed attempts to do six.

I then did lat pulldowns for ten sets with the neutral grip handle, whatever it’s called. I was so weak. I couldn’t even manage one set of six reps with it. I could only do four reps in the first set, and the rest of the sets were even lower than that… I used to be strong with lat pulldowns and other back exercises. Now I’m weak…


Nice discipline, keep it up


Where are the squats???



I squatted 335 for two reps.


I squatted 335 for two reps. And then I attempted to do 10 sets of 6 reps for overhead presses with 95 pounds. I failed but it was a PR. First three sets were done with 6 reps each. I’m happy.


Squatted 335 for two reps.


Squatted 375 pounds for a one-rep max. It was a new record, but the form was atrocious. I had it video recorded. I may upload it on youtube sometime soon.


Squatted 345 for two reps. It was agonizing.

Today is 11-23-2016

I had two training sessions. Why, you might ask? Because it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow. The gym will be closed. I had to sneak in an extra squat session to make sure I get six total squat sessions this week.

First session, I squatted 345 for two reps. It felt easier than yesterday, thank God.

30 minutes before my second session, I took some Ronnie Coleman’s Yeah Buddy pre-workout formula. I started feeling the effects during the 15th minute. When I began my second session, I felt energized and excited. I’m glad it worked.

Second session, I squatted 345 for two reps. It felt relatively easy. Then I attempted 10 sets of 6 reps with hang cleans at 115 pounds. I managed to get 6 reps with the first three sets. At the fourth set, I did 4 reps. It was a new record considering how I could only manage 2 reps with my last workout’s fourth set. And then I did 10 sets with neutral-grip lat pulldowns at 150 pounds. First set was 6 reps, which was a new record. The rest of the sets were all below 6.

I’m looking forward to next week already. Gonna attempt 385 pounds for squat.


Hi there.

Thanks for posting in my training log.

As you can see, I have a new entry. Enjoy. :slight_smile:


Gotta be thankful for the little things in life but before that you got to be thankful to Ronnie. While squatting I always envision the ghost of Ronnie Coleman to give me the courage. The pre-workout works too.


There is progress, squatting everyday is definitely paying off.

Can’t wait.


Don’t do more than a couple of weeks of maxing out. Good luck


What happened from november 24 to november 28 bro?


I mean november 25 because 24th is thanksgiving of course.


Correction. During 11-18-2016, I also did some flyes after my overhead presses.


Did squats for 345 pounds for 2 reps. However, when I did my second rep, the bar hit the safety pins for a split second. It didn’t make any difference, really, but somehow I felt terrible about it.

I proceeded to my pushing exercises. It was terrible. My overhead pressing went down. Attempted 10 sets of 6 at 95 pounds. Last time I did these, I succeeded to do 6 reps on the first three sets. This time, I could only manage two sets of 6. The rest of the sets were all below 6.

And then I did flyes. Nothing special about them…

The squat didn’t stop bugging me, so I had to do it again. 345 pounds for 2 reps. This time, the bar didn’t hit the pins. I was relieved…


I now have 2 squat sessions every Saturday. For my first training session, I squatted 345 for 2 reps. I rested two hours, then did jump squats for 5 sets of 5 at 115 pounds.


I squatted 385 pounds. A new record. I had it video-recorded.


Did squats for 345 pounds for two reps. Nothing special.

Today is 11-30-2016

I squatted 345 pounds for two reps. It was harder than usual. I noticed that the barbell that I used (without the plates) was thicker than the other ones I used. I tried to see if I could assess whether or not the barbell was heavier. I put said barbell with one hand and another one with the other, and overhead pressed them at the same time, to see if there was any significant difference with the weight. They felt like they were the same, but who knows?

Anyway, I did my pulling exercises. I won’t bother posting the results. All I’m gonna say is that it was a bad workout day for me. No PRs and I may have gotten weaker. I used the thicker bar for my hang cleans and it was much harder to grip on. I switched to the thinner bar in the middle of my workout. I then did some lat pulldowns. Hopefully, this Friday, I’d do better with my pushing exercises.


I just wanna say to the both of you, thanks for hanging out here in my training log.

It’s good to have friends around.


Thanks to you for the update, it’s like Christmas in advance.