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The Journey Continues

Hey guys. Figure it’s about time I started one of these.

Currently I’m leaning up, preparing for what will be my first true bulk around January.

Unfortunately because I’m using Skip Lacour’s services, I can’t list my exact diet detail. But on training days I eat a moderate carb/moderate fat/high protein diet, while on off days I go no carb/high fat/high protein.

Up until recently I’d been training DC style, but because of injuries not related to training I’ve had to modify my routine. I do cardio twice a day, fasted in the morning and before I go to bed. I try to keep my HR in the 130BPM range and supplement with BCAAs before. Speaking of supplements, my current rotation:

Fish Oil 4g x 3
Fenuplex 2g per meal
BCAAs 5g x 3
VPX Meltdown 3 caps x 2
ZMA, Novadex XT, & Stinging Nettle pre bedtime
Metabolic Drive

Right now I weigh in at around 220. I’ve begun to care less about the scale and more about my body comp, so I’ll be using pictures to track progress. I’ll be putting up some tommorow.

Thanks for reading!


Morning cardio was easy, walked 30min @ 3.0MPH w/ a 10 degree incline.

Lower Body Day:

Leg Press 405 x 6 x 6 (Wide, Narrow, Normal, 2 sets of each)
DB Step Ups 50lb x 6 x 3 (Supersetted w/ box jumps x 10)
Sissy Squats 2 x 15

Romanian Deadlift 135 x 12 x 3 (6 reps w/ the focus on the top part of the motion, 6 on the bottom)
Leg Curls 110 x 10 x 3 (20 sec Static Holds at the end of each set)

Straight Arm Cable Crunch 60lb x 10 x 3 (Supersetted w/ 30 sec Planks)


Upper Body

(Pre Exhaust) DB Side Laterals 15lb x 8 x 3
Seated DB Clean & Press 40lb x 6 x 3

Dip Machine (Chest Emphasis) 180lb x 8 x 3
(Supersetted) Wide Grip Peck Deck 150lb x 6 x 3

Weighted Pullup +25lb x 4 x 3
Reverse Grip DB Bent Over Row 50lb x 6 x 3

Pinwheel Curl 30lb x 12 x 2

Ab Rollouts 8 x 3


Push Day

Decline Barbell Bench (Rest Pause) 225 x 15 + 6 + 5
Machine Military press (Drop Set) 110 x 8, 90 x 7, 70 x 10, 50 x 13
Close Grip Bench (Rest Pause) 155 x 20 + 8 + 4
Incline DB Bench (Drop Set) 80 x 6, 70 x 8, 60 x 6

Straight Arm Cable Crunch 3 x 50 x 8
(Supersetted) Planks x 30sec

I’ve switched my cardio to roughly 52 minutes, approximately one TV episode (Usually “True Blood” or “Dexter”), still fasted. Still do it every day as soon as I roll out of bed.

AM: Roughly three hours of BJJ. Getting better, but caught in a nasty calf crank that I’m still sore from. Should make training legs later reallllly fun.


Had to put off training the wheels till today, work ran longer than anticipated. Probably better anyways, since I was beat.

Zercher Squats 95lbs x 10 x 3
Walking Lunges 30lb DBs x Once around the whole gym floor
Leg Extension 100lbs x 100
Romanian Deadlift 145 x 15 + 12 + 8
Leg Curl 70lb x 30 (20 sec static hold every 10 reps)
DC Style Calf Raise on the Hack 70lb x 12

If the poundage looks light, it’s because it is. With a big wrestling weekend coming up, I need some fresh legs, so all I wanted to do was get some blood pumping in those babies.

I will definitely follow this log.

Can you at least post how many calories you are getting a day and if you have any really high carb days?

I know you want to respect Skip and everything, so I hope that info won’t compromise your wishes.

How long have you been doing BJJ? Is it a hobby of yours or would you ever compete?

Any GPP? Cardio is 7 days a week?

Roughly 2400 cals on training days, 2000 cals on non. Although I most concede I probably take in more cals as I’ve been known to overdo it on the natty PB or the nuts. I have a refeed on Sundays where I get 3-4 high carb/low fat meals, if I had to guess I probably put down 400-600g of carbs over the course of the day.

I think I’m 2 months deep in BJJ. It’s something I really enjoy and as soon as my work schedule lightens up I’ll be training more. Right now I only train Gi twice a week, but I’d like to add two days of No-Gi as well.

I do cardio 5x a week and I usually wrestle on the weekends. When I don’t wrestle, I try to do something active, even if it’s just walking around for a few hours.

I’m glad you dropped in Ponce, as I feel my log can shed a little bit of light on my unique training style. Seeing as I have to balance the aesthetics of a body builder with the athletic performance of a fighter, my journal is certainly different.

Will definitely add this to my ‘must follow’ list. Good luck on the trim-- although the bulk is where the fun is :wink:

[quote]SteelyD wrote:
Will definitely add this to my ‘must follow’ list. Good luck on the trim-- although the bulk is where the fun is ;)[/quote]

I’ll get to experience on the joy soon enough!

This should be an interesting log to follow.

What kind of injuries are you dealing with?

Have you talked much about your wresting in the forums? I’d be interested in hearing more about that if you feel like sharing.

Funny you ask. I’ll be treating this a little more like a blog than a training journal. Hopefully it’s an interesting read for everybody.

Currently my injury list isn’t too bad, as my schedule as been pretty light. But I’m dealing with a perpetually sore right elbow (I’ve got some chips floating around in there somewhere) and a knee that has it’s good days and it’s bad days. Unfortunately said injuries kept me from truly going full bore DC-style, so I decided for now to back off a little bit. I don’t want to train DC unless I can give 100%, because if you’re going to be a bear, you gotta’ be a grizzly.

Oh well, tomorrow is my pull day. Gotta’ start getting my stuff together for my weekend - Toronto and Montreal - which means it’s time to dust off the cold weather clothing.


Pull Day

Weighted Widegrip Pullups +30lbs x 5 x 2
Bodyweight Widegrip Pullups x 6 x 2
Close Grip Pullups x 5 x 2
Hammer Grip Pullups x 5

One Arm DB Row 100lb x 8, 100lb x 6, 80lb x 10, 7lb x 12

Behind the Neck Pulldown RPlb 150 x 18 + 10 + 6 (+ Static Hold)

Alternating DB Curl RP 40lb x 9 + 6 + 4 (+ Static Hold)

Facepulls 50lb x 12 x 3

Reverse Preacher Curl 50lb x 8 x 2 (Supersetted with wrist curls x 20)

Straight Arm Cable Crunch 50lb x 8 x 2 (Supersetted w/ 30 second blanks)


The flight into Montreal was pretty smooth. The drive from Vermont however, not so much. Our entire caravan of three vehicles was stopped and held up at the border for about two hours. A couple of us had to pay some fine for having a record because it’s some kind of law in Canada. Funny, in America they call that extortion.

Later I smash my nose, black my eye, and bruise my shoulder. Sweet. At the hotel we drive in the worlds smallest underground garage. Discover that our rooms only have a single bed. French Canadian desk clerk is a smug prick and is no help. We take the mattress off the bed and create enough sleeping space for three to four guys. Zzz.


Overjoyed to be leaving Montreal, we hit the road bound for Markham. I immediately regret not bringing any protein bars, as it seems ever convenience store we stop at only takes Canadian cash. Beef jerky, nuts, protein shakes. All weekend. Three whole food meals in two days is not good. I think I lost like eight pounds. Anyways, turns out we’re wrestling in a rodeo. Our locker room is a frigid barn that smells of cow poo. Awesome. Great night though!

We get something to eat and hit the road for Buffalo where we have a 6AM flight. I fall asleep in the back seat of the van and wake up to hear that we’re lost. We stop for directions and we discover we’re an hour off course. Needless to say we missed our flights. By some small miracle, we fly standby to Chicago and get home to Tampa on our first try. We touch down at 5PM on Sunday, which is a lot better than 1PM on Monday like I expected.



Incline Smith Bench
225lb x 5 x 5
Decline DB Press
50lb x 8 x 4
Wide Grip Pec Deck
100lb x 12 x 3
Cable Crossover
30lb x 20 x 2


Hanging Knee Ups 2 x 12
(Supersetted) Planks 30 sec

Surprisingly my bruised shoulder didn’t hamper me too much. I tried 285 on my first set of incline, but it was too much pressure and made it hard to complete the set.

Also, I’m trying a new set/rep scheme this week. 5/4/3/2 basically, with the first two exercises being heavy/low rep with the second two being high rep isolation movements. Not sure how it’s going to work out with my other body parts, but my chest pump today was incredible.



Smith Deads
315lb x 5 x 5
Wide Grip Pullups
BW x 6 x 4
Bent Over BB Row
135lb x 12 x 3
Straight Arm Pressdowns
30lbs x 20 x 2

Ugh… I’m sick as hell. Blame Canada.



DB Military
70lb x 5 x 4
Side DB Laterals
20lb x 12 x 4
Reverse Pec Deck Fly
15lb x 12 x 4
BTN Machine Press
50lb x 20 x 2

I’ve begun experimenting with 15 second rest periods, Gironda Style. Good stuff.



Leg Press
5 plates 5 x 6
DB Lunges
30lb x 8 x 3
Leg Extension
50lb x 50 (10sec static hold every 10 reps)
Romanian Deadlift
215 x 6 x 4
Leg Curl
50lb x 50 (10sec static hold every 10 reps)
DC Style Hack Calf Raise
50lb x 12



Barbell Curl
95lb x 6 x 3
Incline DB Curl
25lb x 12 x 2
Cable Concentration Curl
20lb x 20 x 1

Pinwheel Curl
40lb x 12 x 2
Reverse Cable Curl
30lb x 12 x 2(supersetted w/)
Cable Wrist Curl x 20 x 2

Incline CGBP
95lb x 12 x 3
Dip Machine
120lb x 12 x 2 (+ static holds)
(Giant Set = Reverse Grip Cable Pushdown 15lb x 12 + French Press 50lb x 12 + Bench Dip x 20) x 2



Incline DB Press
80lb x 5 x 5
Dip Machine (Lower Chest Emphasis)
130lb x 8 x 4
Machine Chest Press
100lb x 12 x 3
Cable Crossover
20lb x 20 x 2

15 second rest periods FTW.