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The Journey Begins!

Hello to everyone in T-Nation ^^ My name is David and i’m 23 years old :slight_smile: This October i’m going to start the journey that everyone talks about here :smiley: And to start off, i’ve gotta be honest in 2 things, first… i’m a big noob when it comes to this (Ergo… Vis-a-vis… Concordantly… the post in this section), but like everything in life, we learn with experience.

Second and unfortunantly very important, i’m not a very big fan of reading (yeah i know you’re thinking “you’re in the wrong place buddy”), so i freak a little bit when i see a 5 page article, that’s because i like the information useful, short and precise, if there is an alternative way to be successful in my training avoiding the big reading like video articles i would appreciate, if not i’m commited to make an effort :D.

Other than that, i’m excited with this because not only will i look good (hope so), but also will be healthier, which is a very important thing because we only have one body, and we should take good care of it. But i gotta admit that the body building universe is scary as hell, there are so many variables(genetic, social, monetary), definitions (body anatomy, functionality, nutrition) and training exercices that a guy doesn’t even know how to start !

So i hope with your help the journey will be as smooth as if it was with the Cole Train :stuck_out_tongue: So… without further ado i will explain my current situation:

Because i’m still in college and not financially independent i can’t afford über gyms so i’m in a very small gym that may have the bare essencials and i maybe able to buy 1 pack of supplements or shakes if you guys think it’s really important and that the progress speed up is worth the money.

In terms of food habbits i think i will have a easier time because i love healthy food, fruit, shakes, salads, chicken, turkey and so on, although i don’t eat them often, mostly because i don’t have a nutrition plan to guide me (e.g friday’s eat salad with chicken with a shake), i’m a methodic guy what can i say :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a 6 feet mostly skinny guy (except the abdominal area) and weight about 154 with aprox. 23 % of body fat.

Knowing my situation (mostly limited because of the money) and even though, like i mentioned before, there are many variables here(mostly genetic that makes what i’m asking difficult to answer) but what can you recommend (if possible) for exercise, nutrition and supplement plan to maximize my progress? I’ve attached a picture of the closest thing i’ve found to describe my goal.

Congratulation on making the decision to do something about your situation.

There is a term for what you are at 6’ 154 lbs and 23% bodyfat, which is skinny fat. Right now I think your goal should be adding some muscular body weight, and don’t even think about trying to lose fat. That will come later, after you are at a decently healthy weight for your size.

You don’t need an expensive gym or any supplements. Don’t worry about it. All you need is a barbell, a squat rack, and a bench.

The program is here:

Nutrition wise, your only goal should be getting as many calories into your body as possible. You should also consider GOMAD, which is a gallon of milk a day. Eat three square meals a day, plus the gallon of milk.

Don’t start with a whole gallon at once, work your way up to it over the course of a week or so.

Check out that thread, purchase the book Starting Strength if you get a chance, it is worth the money and will teach you the correct form of all the lifts you will perform.