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The Jets


From a Giants fan who had to listen to you guys talk shit about how you were the "real" New York team all year - suck it.

Same. Old. Jets.


I'd wait until the end of the season to open your mouth.


Either you're a Jets fan and you are still miraculously confident in this team, or you're not a Jets fan and have no idea of their team history.


I'm not a Jets fan... but I'm with WestCoast... Wait till the end of the season before you start talking, plus they're still way better than the Giants lol


I'm not a Jets fan (hint: my location), but only one team is going to accomplish the ultimate goal at the end of the season. Until then, I think it's a little to soon to brag.




sports bromance


They are not way better than the Giants at all. They have a better record for the time being but the Giants have far more talent on that team, they've just been slaughtered by injuries. There's little no receivers left for Manning to throw to but they're still pulling out wins.


You guys have no idea the shit talking that has been going on since the Jets thought that beating up on shitty teams makes them quality all of a sudden.

I never really cared about the team before and definitely never rooted against them, but their fans have been bastards this year. So I'm really happy about this game tonight.


^ same. All their "clutch" wins have been against mediocre teams. I hope now, the media will get off Sanchez's penis.


The Jets are good... but they aren't going to win the Superbowl that's for sure. Too many flaws, Sanchez is gay.

The Patriots are better... in fact they are the best team in the NFL if their defense can get shit straight.

The Giants... well they are just gay. They got that Hakeem whoever player who is just gay, and then don't get me started on Eli Manning and how he looks with his stupid retard helmet. Plus he's gay.


Why has no one assassinated Tom Brady or Belichick......seriously...


I'm a fucking Cowboy fan.

However, I wish our shit was run as tight as New England's is.


This just may be the best post ever written in the history of history.


haha wol...








NY Giants record vs. teams with 0.500 record or better: 3-2
NY Jets record vs. teams with 0.500 record or better: 1-3


Because no one fucks with Russia, no fucks with the Russian Mafia.