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The Jacked Athlete 31, Part 3?

Yes, that’s what I said by way of ramp up using 3-4 mins between sets.

Yes, I assumed that too. Trusty wave!

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It’s a ramp… something like 5 reps @ 85%, 4 reps @ 87.5%, 3 reps @ 90%, 2 reps @ 92.5%, 1 rep at 95%


Great series thanks for posting.
One question…
In part 2 you say that at the end of the Monday, Wednesday, Friday sessions you add 15 min of intervals or assault bike or rowing ergometer or loaded carries.
At the end of part 3 you say do not do any of that except walking on off days or very easy cardio?

I mean not to add any additional work on the off days.

And I also didn’t say to do the conditioning work, but that you could do a small amount if you wanted.


Coach, for non-athletes (aka desk jockeys) would this work equally on the off-days rather than post-workout?