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The Jacked Athlete 31, Part 3?

When does part 3 to this awesome article drop?

At the end of part 2, he mentions part 3 will be out on Tuesday (IE tomorrow). :+1: I’m looking forward to it too.

Edit - My bad; I didn’t realize the first Tuesday had already come and gone.

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Got it. I was confused by the original date of the article whether it was last Tuesday or tomorrow.

Let’s brace ourselves for a whole lot of questions and posts about this soon :smiley:


Imagine how disheartening it must be to publish something and shortly thereafter receive tons of questions on how people can do tweaks to it, add things to it, how to modify it when bulking/dieting, why it does things a certain way while previous programs did it another way, etc.

I mean, maybe a few of those questions are interesting, like since the workload isn’t very BB-esque on the performance week what implications that might have on carbohydrate needs but still. It seems like one can produce the best content in the world and yet people will try and out-think you for their specific needs but still require your seal of approval that it’s an okay modification somehow — usually without ever running it as written first.


I apologize! I didn’t realize a Tuesday had already come and gone since he posted part 2. So I guess let’s hope he meant tomorrow!

My staff is responsible for the updates. The girl responsible for it was on vacation last week.

Part I & II were excellent! Looking forward to Part III

What kind of workout is it ? Low volume ? High frequency ?

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It’s 6 pm heeeere

waiting intensifies

It’s been published!

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Rejoice, and insert the brace yourselves meme here.

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CT, this program looks awesome. Thanks for putting so much detailed work into it!

Excellent end cap to the series! Thank you, CT. You easily could’ve sold this for $. You’re the man. Very appreciative of this.

Ct, in article 3, block 2 of week 5 to 8 was missing

I think it’s just a typo dude, there are 3 separate blocks laid out with a header repeat.

Maybe CT should invite him to his gym for the next 12 weeks then he can walk the dude through the entire program.

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Ys, it’s a typo

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Hi Coach,

Can I clarify use of the 54321 rep scheme on Friday (week 1): is this rest pause style or conventional ramp up using the 3-4m RIs?

Many thanks

Neither. You do a set of 5. For the next set you a little bit heavier and do a set of 4. Then little bit heavier and a set of 3 etc…

And I’m guessing the 3/2/1/3/2/1 is most likely a wave. You go heavier in weight as you lower the reps. Then for the second wave of 3/2/1 you use a little bit more weight than what you used in the first three sets