The Israel / Hamas Conflict

Since my last topic about fat people being too fat was popular, I figured a nice, calm, calculated discussion on Israel and Hamas would be enjoyable.

Anyone else on board with wiping out Hamas?
When I say “wiping out” I do sincerely mean “complete and total eradication thereof”, and when I say “Hamas”, I mean “Palestine”.



Hamas yes. Palestine - no. The Palestinians are stupid to be led by Hamas and allowing it. However they should be given a chance, otherwise the conflict will never end.

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What kind of chance do you mean? They’ve chosen Hamas to lead them since 2006.

Who do you think funds Hamas? They are quite well armed and organized for a “terrorist organization”.
For perspective, Al Qaeda operated out of caves and were horse-mounted.

Almost lost my mind over the hospital “strike” story … Caught myself talking to the TV like a crazy person while doing cardio at the gym the other day.


Anyhoo- Yeah, I’m down for wiping out hamas and anybody that is willing to support or act on their behalf.

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Does this mean we can be friends for this thread? :heart:


An enemy of my enemy is a friend. :+1:


Who covered the story? If MSNBC, I imagine they said Israel blew up the hospital. If Fox, I imagine they said Hamaz blew it up.
CNN determination is out.

But they were extremely well funded, and as it happens, horses are one of the best means of transportation in that environment.

@thefourthruffian had quite a bit of knowledge of this in that regard.


Just my opinion on the matter, but I think I agree with you depending on how we define “chance”. I am for eradicating Hamas. They are not looking out for the Palestinians, in many cases harming them, and overall they are acting as a terrorist organization (depends on which country you ask lol).

I think the chance they will be given is more or less a life where the Palestinian people are occupied by Israel. What that occupation looks like, I don’t know. It might just be no government, with Israeli police patrolling the area? It might be something similar to the Uyghurs in China (a forced “integration”).

Maybe I am wrong here? From my perspective, I can’t see Israel giving them the right to have their own government. Polls show most Palestinians favor wiping out the Jews. It seems like Israel would be setting themselves up for Hamas 2.0. The only way they will get another chance at having their own government is pressure from other powerful countries (which is possible / likely), but right now, Israel has a lot of countries backing them. They will try to do as they please while they have support.

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That damm hospital story!! Just about had me hyperventilating I was so furious. Another thing that had been getting on my hairy goat is the protesters around the world calling Israel a bunch of murderers. Sure they’re a bunch of total stubborn hardarses but they have never murdered children and pregnant women in cold blood and never have they sworn genocidal pacts against their neighbors simply because they are a different race. Anyone who tries to make waves against Israel seem to always leave these facts out.
Aaaand I had better simmer down now :rofl:

I forgot about that guy. I liked his posts.

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Iran (originally Persia) is the puppet master behind this whole ordeal

and the U.S.A. has assisted Iran with indirect funding

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Me too. I don’t know much, but I know who does! :+1:

I think Netanyahou will attempt to displace as many people as possible. It is doubtful that he will.let them return . He will populate Gaza, probably even award building contracts to allies.
It is clear that many thousands of people are being caught in the bombings in Gaza. It is as repugnant as the mass murders in Southern Israel. It is also in clear violation of international law too. Displacements, deliberate blocking of humanitarian aid , ethnic cleansing, deliberately targeting civilians even as collateral damage.
Are all Hamas members really all of the same?
Doubtful. Many people living in these conditions which Palestinians live in would be or are deeply dissatisfied at their treatment ( by Israel). It is a minority of Hamas members who committed these awful murders. I don’t think a shoot to kill policy for all Palestinians who have supported some armed resistance is justified, certainly not civilians who have never raised an arm or funded anything.
Hopefully a peaceful solution can be found, such as a genuine two state solution. It was a sad when Netanyahou found his way back to power. It looked like there would be peace. Obviously it looks unlikely now.
At least half of all Israelis are also liberal and do not support these bombings.

Polls in Bulgaria show most people like Russia and would like to leave EU and NATO, however smart people here and EU and NATO would never let that happen.

The Palestinians need to be influenced by foreign good countries including Egypt, EU, US, Saudis and Israel.

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I wouldn’t surprise me if the international community forces a two state solution. That is in my likely outcomes category. TBH, I am not sure what will happen. I think a few things are more likely than others though.

Since Israel probably expects the USA goy… military to do the heavy lifting or at least pay for their war, I am on board with you going there. Why not also send them the USS Liberty to assist

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Its more of a statement than a question.