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The Irony of it All


I'm not talking about how good that particular song by the streets is

But, the fact that so many (misguided IMO) people train with the goal of the physique of brad pitt in fight club, when the film itself has a big theme of not caring about that sort of thing. AND, in a particular scene tyler even says that the calvin klein ideal body is bullshit. This has really got me thinking

Does this get brought up a lot??


all the time


Tyler Durden = Not Materialistic
Brad Pitt = Materialistic

Good Movie, Great Theme, But Don't Really Join A Fight Club like some T Members have started threads about doing.


ah well, i had my moment... in my head


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There are those who are desperatly looking to fit in. Then there are those who train to stand out!


I always thought it was ironic he played the part.


I'm grateful nobody has made me feel like a twat for bringing up something apparently so common
I'm a little sad nobody has mentioned my high-brow pun though. I suppose if you did, you might spoil the film for people who haven't seen it


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Not really when you consider that Jack (Ed Norton's character) unconsciously created the Tyler alter-ego to be the exact opposite of how Jack viewed himself.